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Fundamentals Of Botany, 1916

Phoenix again, "Lisztomania," which is awesome because this song in particular, and the album as a whole, have the same anachronistic aim and aesthetic as the show: Classical composer-as-pop star. Lisztomania was a real word once, coined by Heinrich Heine in the mid-1850s to describe the scene at a Liszt concert: screaming women, people passing out, standing room-only...

Think less but see it grow
Like a riot, like a riot, Oh!

...It's not hard to let it go
From a mess to the masses...

"The Whitney is a no, Harvard Club a no," Amalia ticks off: "And Colicchio laughed in my face when I asked about Craft." Blair takes one last swipe at a poor old woman: "The only time I want to hear No is if Ruth Madoff wants an invite." Serena calls to the other Blair Army girls, calling them for some reason the "Constance Crew," while everybody bustles about, and they report that flowers and cakes are covered. The last girl shrugs: "Oh, I'm sorry. My family's in investment banking. They're all broke." Blair sweetly smiles -- "Then you can go" -- before grinning at Serena, who calls for Dorota. "I call the Sonic Youths. They in North Hampton, will try to make it." Serena gives her a smile: "Acceptable."

"Some leafy plants raise their foliage up to the light on strong woody stems, able to stand alone; while others secure this result by climbing up on other plants."

If there's anything I like more than group dancing, it's everybody running around making shit happen. Especially with a good song in the background. This show does so well with tracking shots like this, the whole wedding is just this neverending end-to-end tiny scenes and it's so, so good. But of course, my favorite thing is Serena. One day (and Melrose Place, which is just excellent by the way, says that day is tomorrow) all those false categories of publicist, manager, event planner, cheerleader, life coach, modeling coach, head executioner, stylist, chief executive officer, trustee and witness will all fade away into one all-encompassing superjob. And on that day, Serena will finally reign.

"Hey, Jenny, you okay? You've been working on that dress all night." Jenny is flinging off those cartoon sweat bullets at the sewing machine: "Yeah. It's like my own Project Runway challenge!" Lily appears, just as impressed by this whirl as she should be, and asks S if she needs help. "For once, don't worry about any of the wedding details," Serena says, taking her mother's arm. "You work on getting married. And write those vows!" Lily proudly says she's done so, and Serena gratefully squeals, pulling her out of the traffic to hear them.

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