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Fundamentals Of Botany, 1916

Carter calls Serena from the Waldorf house to ask how his "favorite bridesmaid" is getting along, and she giggles happily; she loves this work. He promises to come -- "I wouldn't miss you in something pink and poofy," he says, which makes me wonder what horrors Jenny could do in the way of bridesmaid-wear, given another week -- and she impresses upon him that it's important. "I know you've been avoiding my friends, but this is my mother's wedding... You can't hide from them forever. Chuck is prickly!" The way she says it is hilarious; it's also true. (Fundamentals Of Biology is strangely mute on the adaptive qualities of spines, needles, prickles and thorns, but go with it.) "I'll be there," he says, and meets Chuck's eyes: "And I'm not afraid of Chuck."

"The most essential thing in the life of every plant or animal is to keep in harmony with its environment. Every change of environment necessitates an adjustment on the part of the plant in order to maintain this harmony. Adjustments are most easily made when the plant is young and plastic, and especially while it is developing to maturity..."

Chuck's got his good-boy hair happening, which is always excellent, and dressed to the nines he downs some scotch before telling Carter he knows everything. Carter sits, screwed, and asks if Chuck told her where he was. "I told her there's a certain wedding at the Garden that she and her family wouldn't want to miss." Carter shakes his head. "You're setting me up." Chuck says that, as usual, Carter's being given a choice: Go to the wedding and come clean to Serena, who will probably dump him before he is introduced to "a little something I like to call Southern Justice" by Bree's family... Or take yet another free plane ride, one-way, somewhere far away. Carter licks his lips at Chuck, who finishes his scotch and takes off, and Carter smolders. What he'll never know or understand is why: Chuck's doing this to protect Serena, and Nate, and Blair, and Lily... And Dan, and Jenny, and Rufus, and Eric: His family. This one's for the wedding.

Georgina meets Scott at the bus station -- there's a cheap line connecting the Chinatowns of Boston and New York, people like to mention it but here it represents something specific, which is the entry and exit point of Scott/Boston: the place where he comes into and out of their lives, from the heart of one city to another -- looking fucking amazing in a silver dress with a red parasol. He's excited to see her, having been told she pled his case to Vanessa, and Georgina surprises him with a gift: "You know what? We're going to go surprise her right now. Let's buy you a tie." She walks right into the camera, eyes fixed and focused on destroying all futures, Scott on her arm and the parasol over her shoulder. It's awesome.

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