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Fundamentals Of Botany, 1916

Scott goes to his mother; in his embrace the years fall away and she curls around him, suddenly soft, for the first time in twenty years. He closes his eyes and leans into her, tears gracing his cheeks. Rufus watches her; how beautiful she's become, with all these years. Lily stares at Scott's face, for the first time seeing him, and Rufus sees it in her eyes: The fairytale, coming true for her, the way he always wished it would. She can see the world he sees, finally; the way love fixes things, sometimes. He wraps himself around them both. She smiles to herself on the street corner. It is a safe place. Lily breathes.

"...Even the stars and planets, like our own earth, are coming gradually into being, undergoing changes of surface and interior condition, and ceasing to exist. Nothing is constant except constant change."

In DUMBO Rufus promises to eat caviar without spitting it in his napkin, at Mayor Bloomberg's -- as long as he knows when he comes to their house, he's eating my chili. The family laughs. Kim Gordon says her name softly, knowing not to spook her, and Lily's eyes are clear. "And Rufus, um. I know that our future will be just like us," she says, looking at him, sliding her eyes down his face. That face, after so long. "Flawed, and fragmented, and full of more love than I ever thought possible."

Jenny's so happy, with her dark eyes and lips. Dan cries just like his father, and laughs just like his father. "I am so excited for you to be my husband," Lily gushes, as Chuck takes Blair's hand, without looking. "And for our children, all of them..." Serena smiles at Scott. "...To be my family."

"Well, by the power vested in me by a sketchy service on the internet," Kim cracks, and Lily jumps a secret little bit, "I pronounce you husband and wife." They kiss, to much applause. Bree watches, happy for them. Everyone in this room, we know all of them. Serena calls out like she's wearing a helmet -- "Yaaay!" -- before eventually telling them to knock it off. Dan and Jenny run to their father, and Serena falls into her mother's arms, towering over her. Lily asks after Carter, and the shadow falls over Serena's eyes for a moment: "Oh, he went home. He wasn't feeling well..." Lily can feel something there, and looks in her eyes: "You know all I want is for you to be happy, right? Look, I have to admit, if you were at Brown, this wedding probably never would have happened. So thank you." Serena nods, as she always does, and smiles. "I really am so happy you finally found the right man," she says, nursing a wound of her own: "You're very lucky."

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