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Fundamentals Of Botany, 1916

While Sonic Youth plays some creepy song... Well, I should qualify. 1) Sonic Youth rules. 2) They already made one appearance on the show: Thurston did the version of "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" at Jenny's guerilla fashion show, and it was joyful watching wonks shit on that version because they're So Expertly Punk Rock, only to go utterly mute when the Thurston part was revealed; in part because of wonks, and the I Am Music History Embodied wonk double-blind there, but mostly because of the fact that if you think a "shitty version" of any punk song is even possible, you've missed the point of punk.* 3) Dirty is one of those albums where either you did filthy things that you are too old to recreate to it, or you didn't.

In my case, I only vaguely understand that they have a million other albums. It's not the curse of our generation, although albums don't really exist anymore so maybe it is, but let's say it's just the curse of music: Everybody has a favorite Joni Mitchell album, and the other ones can only be so good. 4) It's entirely possible that you've heard about Sonic Youth in the same way that you've heard about Lightspeed Champion or Yo La Tengo or the idea of Weezer or Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, which is to say you know they are awesome but haven't actually gone there. With Sonic Youth, I plead the I'm Not A Musician card to explain why I like the small amount that I like. It's not that I didn't or don't listen -- sternly, with all the focus of somebody attempting to care about NPR -- but that I just gave in. But "Wish Fulfillment" still makes me cry, with a complicated set of fragments all my own. So is that a small difference, or a large one?

*(There isn't one.)

Serena stands alone, in a room just off the main room because it is a loft in DUMBO that is very small because the Humphreys were once not that long ago totally poverty-stricken, which is what they deserve(d). (I got this awesome hatemail several months ago -- from a 1-L, of course -- lambasting me for my classist hatred of poor people after reading a few Season One recaps. I honestly didn't know how to respond. You either hate poor people like Vanessa and Dan, who live in $1500/mo. DUMBO lofts -- meaning you're a heartless pig with no sense of scale, like myself -- or you don't, in which case you'd probably best rush to their defense... And that of poor people everywhere. Then you just kick back and wait for the parade in your honor.) Chuck approaches, having been monitoring her situation from not-very-far for the entire episode, and makes sure she knows he's there before he speaks: "Hey. I've been looking for you. You okay?"

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