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Fundamentals Of Botany, 1916

Serena is beyond grateful, as usual. (I have this whole Jungian theory about how Serena/Chuck and Blair/Nate are comfortable because they're typological opposites, but to explain it I have to bring up Hogwarts and The Golden Girls, and this shit is already too long because of the Lily callbacks and botany stuff, which incidentally is also why I've held off for weeks discussing Jennifer's Body -- best movie of 2009, please do go see it if you still can -- and how it explains Serena van der Woodsen As Subjective Modern Expression of the Queer Experience, because Jesus, dude. Enough. So much thoughts.)

Chuck listens. "Carter told me some stuff. And it turns out he's not the person I thought he was. The person he is... I don't really want to know." Chuck, pressing himself against the fence of every instinct, holding his arms out toward his sister: "Look. I may loathe the guy, but he didn't have to own up to anything. He could have skipped town." Serena looks so beautiful, staring at him: "I even bought him a ticket. He risked a lot, going to the wedding knowing Bree would be there." But I had to protect the wedding, see. I had to bark, and bite. "What, the girl he was engaged to was a Buckley?" Exactly. "He must really care about you," Chuck says, amazed. Looking at his fragments, his biography. "...Do you think the Buckleys would actually hurt him?" she asks, and he shrugs. "They clearly want revenge." He takes off, leaving her in shock; there's nothing left to say, and this was never his house. Never a safe place, one might say.

The song goes minor as Nate approaches Bree, asking if it's true: She used him, to get to Carter? Sort of true. Sort of sad, basically true. She fell for him while she used him, in order to find a way back to her family. Just like Scott did, just like Carter did not. She is ashamed, but fakes a Texan bravado: "Come on, Nate. You're a Vanderbilt, I'm a Buckley. And as much as I like you, that's always gonna come first." Nate's too Nate to understand the layers here; he just sees cruelty, and it breaks him apart. "It's in my blood. It's Texas."

(I just read this press release from Bush Sr. to A&M asking them to not be crazy, because he'd invited Obama to come talk, and it took a few passes to understand the problems: He says "Howdy," and at the end it says, "Gig 'em." Now, I come from generations of A&M so I'm pretty immune to Aggie jokes, and I'm still processing the whole "gig 'em" lynching thing, but I was shocked at... Just how much explaining Texas requires. Like even me, with my coastal pretenses, managed to blow past both of those without even blinking. So when she says "It's Texas," she means two things:

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