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Fundamentals Of Botany, 1916

"It is of interest to note that the parts of the plant are not only sensitive to the stimulus of their surroundings, but are correlated, or adjusted to each other... If the 'leader,' or main stem, of a tree is destroyed, one or more of the lateral branches will turn upward, in what appears to be an 'endeavor' to perform the functions of a leader. In order words, the destruction of the leader alters the mode of reaction of the lateral branches to the pull of gravity."

Lily stares at a previous wedding photo -- beautiful, black and white; hilariously, Claus/Klaus's face is hidden behind hers as they laugh: she's smiling at the frame, he's looking down, and to your left -- and Serena approaches sadly. "That was by far your best wedding," Serena says, by way of introductory apology. "Who would have guessed nine months later, C/Klaus would have auf'd?" One minute you're in... "Well, the worst thing is I thought he would make me happy." Serena puts her giant, dangerous-looking purse down and sits on the couch's arm. "I thought all of them would. What are you doing here?" Heh, Lily. Serena, on Carter's orders, is there to clear the air. She apologizes once again for deferring Brown, and for going to live at Blair's house. Lily sighs. "I'm not angry at you, Serena. I should have been here this summer to help you with the decision instead of leaving you here with yet another man who doesn't get it." So, I'm off the hook because you've found somebody else to blame? Great parenting. But more importantly, WTF? "You and Rufus are the perfect couple." Lily stands up and runs out the room with a kiss on the cheek, unable to deal with any of that.

"...If the readjustment cannot be made the given organ, or the entire plant, may become unhealthy, or may die."

Serena's staring into space when the kids get off the elevator, and Jenny informs her that Lily and Rufus have been "in a Cold War" since the day S left. The wording doesn't escape her: "Over Brown?" Eric acknowledges that Rufus's total fuckup there didn't help, but that Lily's "flipping out about other things," too. Like her sick mom, her total fear of commitment, the crisis embodied that is Rufus Humphrey... "I think they could be in real trouble," Jenny nods. Rufus comes home to DUMBO and stands around dramatically until Dan asks him what's up. "...I've been running," he says exhaustedly, after a long pause, and then dramatically asks if he can have his bed back and slumping away into the darkness. Dan calls Serena STAT and tells her things are bad; they agree that it's time for a sitdown and a reboot on how much Lily and Rufus love each other. Jenny and Eric stare at Serena as she vows to fix everything. "I'm gonna figure out a way, okay? I promise." The look in their eyes is just heartbreaking.

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