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Our Time Is Running Out

Lily: "I don't think you're hearing me. If you send him to jail, I won't have a rich husband anymore. It's kind of my main thing."
Chuck: "Fine. I just saw him half-naked with Ivy Dickens. Deal with that!"

Lily's response is to throw the 'microfilm' into the fireplace, which makes just as much sense as anything else. But it's in her words, what really matters here, as we swing back around to what the story should always have been about: "I'm not gonna let you, or anyone else, threaten our family ever again!"

"Our." It's that "our" that breaks him. "Our" family. There has not been a moment on this show, in six years, where the only safe place on the Upper East Side was anywhere but in the affection between Lily and her Charles. It started so early, I was thinking about this the other day, there was that early episode where she found him drunk in the courtyard of her building and was just like, "You're a funny drunk just like my daughter, you old so-and-so! You're like a little grownup!" and hauled him back inside, and it was like, "Of course they are the only people who can trust each other. They don't owe each other anything, and everybody else gets on their nerves." And this was before all the stuff about Chuck's moms, which is when the Lily thing really started to matter.

So you have a situation where we've been led to assume that, once again, Blair would lose and Chuck would win, and she'd crawl back up his ass like usual, and in fact it's going the opposite way. Very cool. But also this season has set it up to be about Chuck's daddy issues, with Bart coming back from the dead -- and it's the Mommy Thing, which I guess was inevitable, that's actually going to drive him crazy.

Isn't that neat? I like that. He fights his dad because his dad fights him, but that means that anything Lily does, he's unprepared for, because all he ever did was need her. And all she ever did was love him, in a way she couldn't spare for a single one of her other children. In its way, it's as dramatic a violation of the rules of the show as Blair taking Dan from Serena. Another nuke. And all she ever had to do is what a Rhodes Woman does best: That cold look that says I don't love you anymore. Devastating, every time.


I guess Ivy escaped from Bart's clutches, which is good because Will can't even bother to pretend to give a shit that she was just naked in mortal danger for like half the episode.

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