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Our Time Is Running Out

Nate: "Oh great. The third wheel."
Lonelyboy: "Hey guys, sorry about ruining your various businesses and constantly saying horrible things about you and your loved ones. Bygones?"
Chuck: "Fine. Just go rooting through your dad's shit."
Lonelyboy: "Betraying the people who love me no matter how many times I promise not to do it? That's totally my main thing."


Blair: "Well, if it isn't the ugliest little child prostitute in all the Upper West Side. Now, go fuck yourself and also do me a favor."
Sage: "As you can see from the bonkers clothing I wear in every scene on this show, I am very hip to nonexistent trends that look very horrible on a person."
Blair: "It's true, you look like Blossom fucked Shannen Doherty most of the time. But right now, I need you to..."
Sage: "What, wear your clothes? Like I do every single week? And then every single week manage to burn you in the most obvious way possible? You're on."
Blair: "Okay, take off your Delia*s clothes from twenty years ago and go to hell and put these clothes on. Oh, and I need one other huge favor, you worthless little shit."
Sage: "Fine, I will summon the heretofore unmentioned-in-six-seasons Heads Of The Five Most Powerful Private Schools In Manhattan. That you created, on this show, and that has never once come up, on this show."


Rufus: "Lily, I only came here to act scornful and shitty and judgmental as usual, so let's get to it. The fact that you actually called me a man-whore gives me actual ammo for once."
Lily: "So there's this 'microfilm'..."
Rufus: "Go fuck yourself! Humphrey out!"
Lily: "Well, that didn't take long."


Ivy: "That was some good breakfast! Now, let's make out in public before I go meet Chuck."
Wm vdW: "That sounds reasonable."

They make out in public, where just anybody could see them. Just anybody does.

Rufus: "Hey! That looks like Ivy, kissing an old man. Gross! ...Oh, wait."


Bart: "Hey, buddy!"
Nate: "Get the fuck out of here, you old goat! I am trying to ruin my company and go to jail!"
Bart: "Turns out that I am your mysterious lender, and I want you to help me win this race to the bottom that Ivy Dickens set up."

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