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Your Brain In Spain, Or: Pesach Shellshock

Cyrus proceeds into urchatz (which if you're keeping track at home is step two of like twenty in the Seder), "also called the 'Title 88 of the New York City Health Code,'" he jokes, to fading laughter. Eleanor laughs, and hopes that the next step they'll get to eat. Poor Eleanor: "Oh, yes!" Cyrus says excitedly, "Parsley!" Heh. Rufus grills Dan and Serena some more, and Cyrus tries to keep everything together, and Gabe jumps demanding to know what's going on, and Serena flashes him huge, hilarious baby eyes: "Shh. There's praying about to happen!" (It's in that Tyra Banks voice she uses sometimes that I think is how Blake Lively actually talks, which is always adorable.) Whatever, it's complex, Cyrus's mother looks like Madeleine Albright and yells, "Eleanor's friends are talking during the Seder!" and Cyrus quickly reminds her that the van der Humphries are his friends too, which touches Eleanor.

Rufus doofily tells Gabriel that his son's not dressed like a waiter, it's just "a classic look," and they go on and on about this, and Lily keeps apologizing to Cyrus but interrupting on and on anyway, and finally Dan explains that he really is a cater-waiter tonight, and the whole thing was an elaborate... Whatever the hell it was, but Serena was just being nice, and he cares about her very much, and in the middle of this all Cyrus finally just drops his parsley, totally exhausted by these people. Lily snags Serena and Cyrus desperately skips over about half of Passover while they talk outside.

Meanwhile, Nate is being truly standoffish with Blair even as she's congratulating him on standing up for himself. "I'm proud of what you did back there. I thought you were, too." Nate asks if it's true that she agreed to convince him to go to Yale just so she could be a bridesmaid, and she realizes she's screwed and tries to explain how she totally changed her mind without telling anybody, but Nate is in no mood. He pronounces her the same girl as ever, and she promises she's not. "I was just scared, about next year, and us... Nate, please give me another chance." He tells her he can't think of a reason why, and sends her home in the towncar.

Meanwhile, Lily and Serena have the exact same conversation, all about how this huge disaster that Lily basically caused is all Serena's fault for sneaking out to attend a dinner tradition with her closest friend's family, "right out of the Old Serena playbook," and says hilariously and elliptically that if you just threw in "a few boys from the lacrosse team" you'd have an instant replay of the Constance Mother-Daughter Luncheon two years ago. Which I'd love to see someday soon.

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