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Which I already said is just masterful, because it puts the power back in her hands, where it needs to be, and because it puts this storyline in her area, and she can do whatever she wants with it. He just submitted, and apologized, and making this a plot point in the whole van der Humphrey house-shuffle story is brilliant, because it affects everybody without needing to be talked about. It's exactly the kind of grey-area "can X thing be redeemed," has he really changed kind of stuff that Jenny is great with. But of course, a year ago we didn't know Taylor Momsen was one of the strongest actors in the cast, so this never could have happened. I never really thought it was that big a deal, because personally I believe getting hysterical about fictional non-rape is about as trivial and trivializing, and self-aggrandizing, as getting hysterical about anything else, but it's very satisfying to see it come back around this way. I wonder what will happen there.

Blair comes down full of apologies for Cyrus, with a not-so-subtle request to take advantage of his NYU connections -- which I didn't mention are a Vietnam buddy callback, which reminds me of the Golden Lion -- and of course both Cyrus and Eleanor are all over it. He hugs her and she thanks him, and Nate's voice issues out of nowhere, "Sounds like we'll both be in the city." He's standing there, behind Eleanor, who grabs Cyrus and shuffles off. Nate looks like he's about to say something, but she throws herself on him, apologizing and crying, and his arms slowly circle around her, and he kisses her shoulder, and looks in her eyes, and apologizes too.

Meanwhile Serena's lolling about in bed leaving Gabriel a very dorky stream-of-consciousness voicemail about how she's glad he came back to the States for her and that she has high hopes, essentially, and hangs up all romantic and dreamy, but meanwhile he's just getting back to an apartment where Poppy's waiting. "Tell me everything," she says, and his look back at her is so sneaky and creepy I felt, I won't lie, that they might be brother and sister, and possibly the Carver as well.

Next week. Oh, next week. Georgina, my sweet! We will see you so soon! Don't forget to bring the fever!

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