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Seventeen Candles

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In Which Alliances Are Declared, And Dalliances Aired

Blair recovers slowly in a stranger's bedroom and is surprised for the fifteenth time by Chuck and his omnipresent boner. "I'm not in the mood, Chuck. This is pretty much the worst birthday ever." He offers that perhaps it can be salvaged, and produces a package. "Is that our sex tape?" she asks nastily, and it's a great line, but mostly in the delivery, which is like, totally put upon and all, "Fucking great, God. Last time I believe in you!" But of course, it's the Erickson Beamon necklace from the beginning, which Chuck bought her this morning. She's, like, barely even present to protest, so captivated is she by its gleaming wonder. Chuck lays it on super-thick, in a very romantic and sexy and gay way: "Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty." He adjusts the necklace and her hands rest tenderly on his, almost of their own accord. They look at the necklace, at her, at themselves, in the mirror. "I really am sorry." And you know what, he really is, and that is awesome. They start to make out, and Serena comes looking for Blair so she can be the shoulder some more, but stumbles upon them making out, and it's starting to get pretty hot, so she shuts the door and looks totally freaked out. "Spotted: B, turning a year older, but not necessarily wiser. Guess Chuck's the gift that keeps on giving. Blow out your candles, B. This'll be better in the dark." Not much I can add to that. XOXO, and I'll see you the 28th.

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