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Fever Started Long Ago

Gabriel talks that mad venture capital nonsense about his inane project, and Rufus tries desperately to be a part of the conversation about profiting off charity ("Doing well by doing good!" he parrots) and whatever, Lily randomly commits some ungodly amount of money -- hers, Bass Industries', there is no difference apparently -- and totters off with Rufus. Serena and Gabriel kiss and hop around, and Blair shows back up looking wild and insane and drags Serena off again. She laughs and shrugs at Gabriel, somehow managing not to look grateful for the distraction.

In Serena's bedroom, Chuck immediately tells her that Gabriel is lying, and she gets very bored very fast. "Seriously, you two. Enough." They tell her about the LYING ABOUT BUTTER, and Blair is simply incandescent for a moment: "I know for a fact that Butter was closed that night because I used their bartender for the Nelly Yuki SAT Sabotage Party!" That is some advanced callback continuity there! Awesome! Serena reminds them that she was with Georgie that night, and she knows the manager of Butter, so maybe she got them into a private party, or maybe Gabriel just plain misremembered. "Well, Chuck also saw him making a secretive phone call!" Blair, says, and it even sounds like a desperate straw-grab to her. Serena stands up very tall and strong and tells them to fuck off.

"Blair, I support you in all of your crazy choices. Case in point," she says, gesturing at Chuck, who of course loves that one. He only ever had her when he was a fever. "Why can't you show me the same respect? Gabriel is a good guy. He's trustworthy. Even my mom trusts him, or she wouldn't have invested in his project just now." That hits Chuck's ear wrong too, but she keeps going. "Just face it, you two. You're using this as an excuse to get together again." Awesomely, they don't even deny it, just make stubborn faces, and she tells Blair to go find her boyfriend like she's going to do. At the door, she turns in that classic Serena way, but for once actually has something to say instead of just wobbling: "Butter? Really?" I love Strong Serena, Lively does it so well; I hate it when she's in the wrong. Blair admits to Chuck that it did sound stupid out loud, but Chuck's not giving up yet, because he's enjoying himself and B's company. All through this they play the tension between the real reason and the underneath reason so well, both of them. A more cynical performance would have them looking like they don't care about Serena at all, but both actors manage to put a little bit of concern on it the whole time, and it's lovely.

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