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Fever Started Long Ago

When Chuck's taxi arrives, Georgie's like, "Where's your limo?" B took it back to her boyfriend's house so they can be madly in love with me together. And at mention of Blair, Georgina goes bugshit crazy for like two seconds, like her hair literally catches on fire for a second. "BLAIR? YOU CAME HERE WITH BLAIR? MOVE ASIDE, BECAUSE I AM COMING BACK WITH YOU."

All week I kept saying, they're going to play that song, it's going to be so awesome, that's totally how you know Georgina's coming, and they didn't play it the whole episode, and I was feeling less than psychic, and then in the last five seconds she smiles and breathes and goes fake again, and claims she misses the city, and the second he opens the taxi door for her, the bass drops precisely the way it did right after Serena said "I killed someone," when she had the scary black Burger King eyes, when the temperature bottomed out and gravity went all insane. So awesome, so awesome, so awesome. Even Gossip Girl is like, "Ooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck."

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