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I Don't Want To Get Over You

(Roman Holiday... I wonder if last year was Breakfast At Tiffany's and this year is Roman Holiday? That would be cool, but also would be sad when Blair goes blind for the suspenseful Wait Until Dark season. But then if there's a Charade year I'll finally get my hail of bullets, which will be good. I'm torn. And wait, does that make Serena's lifeguard Sabrina? Fuck it, I'm confusing myself. Wait, Dan is Sabrina! That's awesome. Serena and Sabrina.)

Blair agrees, sorry, with James -- she hates Charade -- and tells Chuck to stop harassing him. Eric notes how boring it is to watch people play How Well Do You Know Blair Waldorf? if you already know Blair Waldorf; CeCe agrees, and adds that Chuck's also being totally transparent. Nice. "Well thank you, Grandma," he says, and I love that CeCe distrusts him a little bit, even though I equally love how much Lily likes Chuck: "Why is it when you say that word it sounds like an insult?" James gets a little steely, claiming that he wants to learn everything about Blair, and what better way than learn than by taking quizzes, especially those proctored by a stalky creepy tiki-faced rapist?

"Well, it's a shame you guys took a bus and not a limo. I don't know if you know this, but Blair loves a limo..." Oh no he didn't! Blair randomly and awkwardly -- and transparently -- asks James for the salt and pepper, and when James reaches for it, he exposes his sweater sleeve, where she's pinned the little heart charm she once sewed into a shirt of Nate's. (Meaning that the thing she needed to get from Nate was her heart, which she's now wearing on James's sleeve, because this show is awesome and about to get more awesome.) Chuck's stops. She grins again, and he excuses himself. Blair follows right after, provoking awkwardness for James and sympathy/fear in CeCe and Eric.

They meet in a long stand of trees, in a beautiful, beautiful garden. His suit is mint green suit, hers a clashing kelly. "Look, I know what that pin means to you. You gave it to Nate the first time you said you loved him." Blair promises she thought James should have it now; Chuck asks if she really feels that way about James now. Blair (Leighton, too) begins to weep, swearing: "I do." She's so proud, looking in his eyes; he's so sad. This is probably their best scene ever. I watched it drunk and I've watched it sober and I just watched it again. It's really pretty phenomenal, because what they're saying is teenage-awkward at its most vérité, but the way they do it, it might be the best-acted scene of the whole show, including anything with Lily or Eric. "...I'll see you at school," he says, eyes begging; he leaves. Blair watches him go and cries, after a moment shaking her head and coming back to herself. The burlesque. She hops back up onto the deck, grabbing James's sleeve immediately: "Oh my goodness, my pin must have gotten caught on your sweater by mistake." James shrugs it off: he didn't feel anything. Neither did she.

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