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I Don't Want To Get Over You

"By the way, Archibald, now that the summer's over, I can tell you I never believed any of the talk that you hit it with my sis." Before Nate can splutter or stutter or do whatever his dumb storyline requires, they run into the other pair and Chuck tells "Waldorf" good morning. Then the two non-couples split up and have two different conversations that don't really have any segue enjambment meaning, because Nate's storyline is dumb and Serena's storyline right this second is that she doesn't have one, so we'll take Chuck and B first. He asks where "Princeton" went: "I'm surprised you let him get away." Blair corrects him, it's Georgetown: "And unlike you, I don't lose something if I let it out of my sight." Then, long story short, they go like this they go: "Princeton!" "Georgetown!" "Princeton!" "Georgetown!" like that, and finally B shouts for Serena.

...Who moments ago cutely led Nate away by the elbow like a girlfriend, while nagging him like an older sister: "Why didn't you call me back this morning..." He said he couldn't talk about that in public, and she clarified the problem: "When you told me you secret girlfriend was older, I thought you meant college. Not to mention Catherine's married." Nate assured her that he'd gotten dumped the night before, somehow, even though we didn't see that at all, and again Serena shifted immediately into BFF mode, all, "WHAT? Tell me." He's like, "Um, later." I really, really like this post-murder version of Serena: she's wise, and smart, but still willing to get in over her head with her friends, but still kind of...

Not flaky, and not self-centered either, and I can't think of any words for it that aren't negative or pejorative, but it's like, the coolest thing about Serena is that you can tell her anything and she won't judge you, because she just does not care. Like, she has much much love in her heart and she is very protective and all that, but on a deep level she does not give even one tiny little fuck. She just wants things to be very awesome all the time. I love that so much. She and B are a great pair because B comes off very shallow and fake but it's because she feels everything in her gut, while S is all sweetness and light and fierceness because ... what's the fucking difference? It's like the modeling thing: all they wanted was for Blair to be free, and she couldn't do it, but Serena was right there going, "For one second, stop caring, and you will become beautiful." And then again after the pregnancy scare, same deal. She can afford to be super great, because she doesn't actually care, and that's hard to explain but if they nail it this year, they'll have officially gotten to the heart of the books: To be secure in oneself is to lose essentially that part which fears others.

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