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I Don't Want To Get Over You

Chuck slithers out of the shadows and Blair asks if he isn't finished trying to fuck up her night. "Look, I should never have abandoned you. I knew I made the wrong decision as soon as your plane took off. Distracted myself all summer hoping I wouldn't feel it, but I still do." Which is kind of an admission of weakness, like a last-ditch attempt at the bizarre new strategy of telling the actual truth, but the way these two work, sometimes the last-ditch admission of weakness is actually only a strategy to lure the other person into an open area. "I was scared... Scared that if we spent the whole summer together, just us... You'd see..." See what? "Me." Hee! But also, Aww. Because it's that same burlesque shit over and over and I feel like we know a couple more of her layers than we do his at this point, which means hopefully he'll spend as much time going crazy this year as she did last year. I wonder. "Please don't leave with him," Chuck says seriously, taking her arm. She is dead serious. "Why? Give me a reason. And 'I'm Chuck Bass' doesn't count."

His vocabulary is five words long in this arena: it's about desire. "Because you don't want to." Not good enough. "I don't want you to." Still not enough. She looks at his mouth. "What else is there?" She says it's simple: tell the truth, which is that he's in love with her, and she'll stay. Or is this a strategy to get him back under her, so that she can taunt him with it later? I said they were being drama queens and they are, but there's also a thing going on here where if there are no rules, then you have no reason to ever trust the person, so in a very real way it comes back down to power.

They don't even know when they're lying, which is what makes them such good liars. They hate each other for having seen the other undressed; we knew that. They're about power, but not even power in its own right: they both love power because they need control of their environment and they know reputation and power are the best way to dictate everything that goes on around them, so they don't get hurt. But she was blindsided by his wedding speech, which was really the first step in this new war, and everything since then -- which is like one episode, but still -- has unfolded from and will keep coming out of that moment, because which one of them is dominant constantly changes, which means this could literally go on forever -- and not in the awful Dan/Serena way -- because it's always going to be about who is not submitting.

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