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I Don't Want To Get Over You

And for once it's not about being so fucked up that you can't trust anybody, and it's not about kinky sad sex shit: specifically them, this couple of individuals, they are all about power. Which means that, like an episode of any third-year sitcom, there is a part of these two individuals that is always going to be deadlocked with their hands twisted in each other's hair, saying "You let go first." But ah: If she gives in, I'll stop watching the show. And if he gives in, everybody will. You see what I'm saying?

Of course, he can't say it. But even as her heart's breaking, even as she's running trailing smiles behind her down to Lord Marcus's car: What part of her, what percentages of what parts of her, needed him to say it? And why? And was that why he couldn't? It's a lot more interesting if you think about it like the wolves with the neckties, isn't it? "You show me yours." It stops being about boring girl/boy shit nobody actually believes in, and starts being about every single second you spend jockeying for power in your relationships and social groups, which is what the show's actually about. What's romance compared to that? A tool, an accessory, a prop. The difference between this show and other shows, if you really pay attention, is that it's allowed to say so, without having to sentimentalize every third scene. (I didn't love the original 90210, preferring as you know the more adult/deranged pleasures of Melrose Place, but there seems to be the same kind of jungle mentality happening there too, and I'm loving it.)

Catherine invites Nate to fuck her in a variety of urban environments, starting with the Mercer hotel. "They say summer love is fleeting, but sometimes, what starts as a fling can lead to the real thing," says Gossip Girl. Oh, this won't be one of those times, but it's fun to pretend. Dan sits on a driftwood log at the beach in his undershirt, next to a roaring fire, writing passionately in a little Moleskin. (SOMEBODY FUCKING SLAP HIM ALREADY.) "A simple trip to the beach could be all it takes to clear our heads and open our hearts, and write a new ending to an old story." Serena arrives and watches him writing. She looks like a goddess by the way, I forgot to say. I think this might be my favorite Serena outfit of all time -- especially nice of them after the Pussycat Bordello & Steak House look at the wedding -- toga dress, silver chains and a thousand braids in her messy updo, a twenty-mile string of pastel pearls around one wrist.

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