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The Candle & The Mirror

Serena texts the truth to Vanessa, smiling ruefully about Julian's gayness, and then Dan gingerly approaches to explain that it wasn't B that was Anonymous, but in fact Rachel, and it was his fault. Serena's like, "But why would you do that?" And Dan heads, brilliantly, into a Newland-esque explanation about how he was trying to explain what's special and unique and free about Serena, and she cuts him off. "I gotta go find Blair. Thank you for telling me?" She's kind of grossed out, but glad about the info and as usual pleasantly surprised by his honesty. Then she enacts the great Serena thing of two steps, turn, and walk away that she always does, because she remembers that they are still broken up, and goes off to save B again. Edith would have loved Serena too:

There are two ways of spreading light: to be
The candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Vanessa arrives at Nate's with snacks and looking to apologize, cuddle on the couch, and "watch ESPN" with him. He smiles super-sweetly and invites her to the couch... Where he's been watching The Age Of Innocence. So earnestly and awesomely, he's like, "It's heartbreaking!" She kisses him, because you can't not at that moment, and admits that he is too. Nate yells, "I am a way better Beaufort!" in a way that nearly avoids making you want to ruffle his hair, and they laugh because it's true, because the Julius in the movie is a hundred years old and Nate is a hundred minutes old.

Dan comes home and gets scared because Rufus is eating ice cream and just naturally looks judgmental, which is where he gets it. He apologizes and says Rufus was right about how Rachel was a bad idea, and Rufus says he's sorry in a way that suggests it's less an apology and more like, "I'm sorry I was totally right, also." He hands him a spoon and they dig into a pint of Häagen-Dazs together, because they actually are the Gilmore Girls and have basically admitted it before now. "Lucky for you, you'll be at Yale soon. You can make all the mistakes you want. With, God willing, girls your own age." Or, God willing, girls at all.

Remember, being onstage is like standing on the edge of a cliff. What saves you is the love and trust you have in each other...

Blair's having a martini in her black velvet hair ribbon, surrounded by the scary music of a breakdown too long coming. Serena approaches and apologizes for everything, and B's like, "Don't worry about it, because why on earth wouldn't I have done that for some fucked up reason, so you're right to not trust me, and I'm sorry you wasted all that attention on me when really betrayal totally is in my nature." Serena takes this like a sock to the gut, and Blair actually explains, "Spare me, Serena. I don't need a stirring speech telling me what a good person I am. I know I'm not." Her Daddy stuff with Harold rears its head throughout the speech, but it's hard to see because that episode where he told her she was evil was a really long time ago, but think about it, and how he took away her puppy! "Yale kicking me out is the karma I've earned." Serena tries to comfort her and B jerks away, asking to be left alone. Her voice cracks a little, but I don't know. I am a meddler and also I don't know B like S knows her, so maybe it's not totally ill-advised that she ditches, touching Blair's back and whispering tenderly, "You're still my best friend."

I'm so tired! I want to rest, I just want to rest.

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