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Sophie: "What's it like on the other end of this one short hallway?"
Louis: "Pretty much like it is where you're standing. Let's talk on the phone about it for a long time even though you're like five yards away and we might as well be doing semaphore based on how obvious we're being."
Sophie: "Hey, have you seen your wife? I noticed she's not in this hallway with us."
Louis: "Well, I may have threatened her at the very beginning of the reception for no real reason except to be creepy. I guess maybe she ran off."
Sophie: "Probably we should find her. I'm going to go bother Eleanor."


Chuck: "Blair! I'm here! Show yourself!"
Georgina: "Just kidding, it was me the whole time! I said I was Blair Waldorf, and they let me into your apartment just like they would if I was anybody else on Earth."
Chuck: "My security is once again for shit."

Nate, aside: "This is Georgina Sparks. She's pretty much the worst person you'll ever meet, so just avoid eye contact at all times."
Lola: Stares at her like she is a cobra or ever does anything.
Georgina: "Why do you always assume my motives are nefarious? I saw Blair hightail it out of the reception without her Frog Prince, so I came here to help. The first thing I did to help was lie to your security in order to distract all of you from looking for her. I am so helpful!"
Nate: "I wish you were dead, Georgina Sparks."
Everybody: "So be of use! What do you know about Blair's intentions?"
Georgina: "I know nothing. And yet somehow, you need my knowledge."

Gossip Girl: "Looks like everyone wants to know where the royal bride ran to!"
Everyone: "Yes, Gossip Girl. That is what is happening."


Blair: "My plan is to run away to the Dominican Republic, which at one point I dimly remember had a thing where you can get a divorce or something. Elizabeth Taylor got a divorce there."
Dan: "What would be funnier is if you went to a dude ranch in Reno. Listen, am I driving you around the city because of Chuck? Or is there some other reason, such as we are in love?"
Blair: "Since you didn't ask, I would like to reiterate that Chuck didn't send that video to Gossip Girl."
Dan: "The fact that you said that means this video mystery is still in play, I guess."
Blair: "Well, I'm blaming that video for Louis going insane on me."
Dan: "You mean the video where you said you weren't in love with him and have been dicking him around for the last year? Yeah, he's a real looney-tunes for being upset by that."
Blair: "Whatever. The important thing is that I don't have my passport or any money or identification, so I'm assuming getting a flight out of the country should be easy as pie."
Dan: "So... This whole episode just fell apart, huh?"

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