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Not sure about the juxtaposition with Macbeth stuff, but the Sabrina dream that heads up this episode is pretty interesting. Those movies are about a girl, the chauffeur's daughter, a sort of Philadelphia Story in reverse, who is presented with two affluent men rather than two rakes -- one whom she's always presumed to love, and the other she never found that interesting -- and surprises herself by her choice between them.

Of course, since it's Blair, she's playing the eponymous Audrey Hepburn character in the dream, but I wonder whether that's really the story she's telling herself. Whether the dream is about moving forward with the Prince she's always imagined, v. falling into the arms of the other brother. It's a simple story but she's not a simple girl and, parts of this season to the contrary, this isn't a simple show.

Louis v. Chuck is the choice they're selling us -- the choice she is selling us -- but I don't think I'm out of bounds suggesting that, on the long view, maybe she's just using them to cancel each other out. Which would put a different spin on the Sabrina dream, because she's not the chauffeur's daughter: Dan is. And if she can get her two princes to a zero sum, it won't matter what he is, anymore. Just a theory.

I like to think of life as a limousine. Though we are all riding together we must remember our places. There is a front seat and a back seat and a window in between.

The relationship with Chuck is gross, because Blair and Chuck are both gross; it's entirely disgusting in this episode to watch her try to make him into a demon again, just like Louis did last week. But not disgusting in the usual way; not as a misguided attempt to reverse the burlesque at Victrola, or the way it went with Carter Baizen when she was trying to make herself dirty enough for him.

It's not even disgusting in the way where, once again, Chuck makes decisions on Blair's behalf -- although that is very disgusting -- because the whole thing is such a mirror-on-mirror thing for her own stuff. I no longer trust this show to give us a character-centered journey for these people, so the intentions of the show must be considered separately from the intentions of the fictional people, where once they were the same thing. But, if this is about deriving Dan from the shuffle of Chuck against Louis until nothing means anything, then this is a valid story to tell, because it means Blair is in control of the story and has been the entire time.

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