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Hareton Earnshaw Will Have His Revenge!

Nate pulls Vanessa into a side room with much hushing, as grateful for the distraction as for the chance to actually be involved in drama for once. "I can't believe this! Here I kept thinking, Nate's so much different than Blair and all the others. But you're just as bad!" Nate says it's not that simple, and Vanessa actually manages to get through this whole scene by playing the Dan card legitimately: "Are you sleeping with that woman?" Well, yes. She nods sadly. "Is that the reason you keep canceling on me?" Also yes, but. "No, Nate. There are no buts. You lied to me, and you're sleeping with some Mrs. Robinson, and while on the Upper East Side that might be totally normal?" Nice line, but not as perfectly perfect as the next line, which (combined with the rest of the episode pretty much made me like Vanessa Abrams. I know!) she issues in a perfectly understandable edge-of-tears voice: "I didn't sign up for some creepy love triangle with you and someone's mom." And as great as that line is, both in character and as a proper summing up, Nate's is maybe the line of the week: "She's giving me money!" Awesome. Just awesome. I saw this in a theatre with a bunch of people and there was this like audible gasp of wonderment when he said that. It was like he pulled off his wig, was how effective this scene was. Vanessa's like, "Okay, what did I just say?" He protests that he and his mom are in terrible straits as usual, and that he didn't have options; Vanessa is once again the good version of Dan, with a candle in her hand, turning softly and looking him in the eye. "Tell me everything."

Oh, this part is also awesome. A butler passes by, wonderfully enough, with a flashlight and canapés as B lights candles and tells everybody to drink up, have a candle, stop bitching, the power will be back soon. Catherine comes running up asking if she's seen Nate, and Blair offers the second-best line of the night: "Um, no. It's a blackout." Catherine whines about him running off with Vanessa, and it's just so Blair that when the chips are down and she has to choose between somebody else's bullshit drama and her own party going south due to an act of God, she just immediately stops caring about the first thing. "Honestly, Catherine? So what? If they want to be together, you can't stop them. Just deal with it." Catherine hisses that B wouldn't understand, and B pushes her sudden advantage: "Hot young guy, aging beauty, enjoying her last hurrah before the surgeries start? It's called a cliché?" Catherine rallies and gets in her face, as interested as she is in explaining her personal story as she is in shutting B up, framing it as a proof.

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