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Hareton Earnshaw Will Have His Revenge!

Vanessa pounds the elevator button a whole bunch of times, close to tears; of course, Nate randomly appears to whine. Whatever Catherine said, it did the trick. "I looked for you, but I just... I had to get out. Did you end it?" He admits that he hasn't, but only because Catherine disappeared so she could say some kind of unbelievable shit to Vanessa while he was wandering around. "Okay, good. Don't. She really loves you, Nate. And all the money and all that, that's your business, but ... She loves you, and you should be with her." Nate asks her to actually say she wants him to be with the Duchess, but all she'll say is, "I'm out. For good." And then she is, and the elevator is gone, and he's standing all alone again, last resort exhausted, and Catherine walks up grinning. "Tomorrow. You owe me lunch." She passes Nate a Mercer keycard and he has some feelings or some shit.

Rufus shows up at Waldorf Designs with his date in tow, who bears a bizarre resemblance to PJ Harvey. So I guess if he's working his way through the entire original Lilith Fair lineup, next will be Shirley Manson. Although if you think about Lily, who's the closest? Harriet Wheeler, only she's married, so I guess... Natalie Merchant? Without the Asperger's or whatever's going on there? Sarah MacLachlan has a fair chance of being heterosexual, when all is said and done -- maybe that. He's pretty enough for Amy Ray, and as redundantly emotion-focused as any lesbian could want, but I don't know. I am going to say Lisa Loeb comes back, or else that Lisa Bonet character from High Fidelity, which the Humphrey men, like most heterosexual men about ten years from emotional maturity, probably totally identify with. Anyway, the Polly Jean-alike is called "Claire" and they've been dating for a while. Blah blah, Eleanor is reminded by even Rufus's half-assed parenting that she should probably make sure Blair's still alive, then sends Rufus and Claire out for sandwiches so Jenny can continue co-creating her entire line. Rufus and Claire laugh because Eleanor being a sociopathic amount of asshole is apparently hilarious and Jenny's like, "I'll explain later -- it was this or the Iron Maiden."

The elevator door opens and they stare at each other. She says she's scared. He's scared too. "When I step out of here, it's over," she says, but he knows and we know it already was. "It just took us this long to realize." She kisses him and steps out, into the world. He nearly says he loves her, and she nearly says it back. And when the doors are safely closed, beginning to weep, she admits it: "I love you."

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