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Serena is packing and freaking out, and immediately starts apologizing for running off with a married congressman and dropping THE LETTER bomb like she did, but Lily doesn't care, she's just worried and happy that S is finally reaching out, because as usual it was only her intention to protect Serena and that's the only way she knows how to do it. "I don't need you to explain. Right now I just need my Mom, okay?" She sits on the bed and quickly explains that Maureen has THE LETTER, which almost kills Lily, and Charlie listening on the other side of the door as she stammers about how she should have told Rufus immediately about her little trip to Sandiego, and they agree that Serena should head home immediately so they can work everything out.

Charlie is sad to see Lily go, but after all Serena is just a little bit more of her child than he is, and Rufus is just a little bit more of her husband than Bart ever was, but hey, maybe Charlie can go to the cemetery all alone, "for both of us," which is wrong, and when she's gone he just tosses the flowers in the garbage: "They should be yellow roses. They were my mother's favorite." Which I mean, those are there for the end of the episode, but the whole point of that was that Lily didn't even know what kind of flowers would best suit Bart's grave and just got a random arrangement, but either way why would she bring his dead wife's favorite flowers? There had to be a better way to get all that done.

So now Serena is stomping out into the brisk winter air with her bags, apparently under the impression that she can just hail a cab or something, and Trip begs her to stay, and she yells "Liar!" which is kind of awesome. She gets in his face and says, "Tell me it isn't true. Tell me that you're getting a divorce, that you spent the entire day talking to your grandfather, and that you didn't send Maureen here, and Nate is just jealous..." All of those things are true. She heads off into the night like a brave Jack London character, and he waits a second before her toes get cold before offering to drive her into the city. She acquiesces, but says he can only drive and not talk to her. "I'm done talking." His Crazy Eyes are very sad, and then the whole Raveonettes thing plays out again in a quick montage: Driving, music, pissiness, wolves, crashing; Charlie ignoring Blair's umpteenth phone call; Blair getting more and more terrified for him in the NYU dorm hallway; Serena's brains falling out of her head, Trip shitting himself and immediately calling Maureen to save him once again.

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