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The End Of The Affair?

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The New Year's Eve Of Magical Thinking

So in that movie, of which we're about to watch an abridged version, a guy falls in love with this lady but then he's so jealous that it makes him act horrible. He nearly gets killed by a stray bomb, and for some reason the lady breaks up with him at that time. Turns out she was runnin' up that hill, and made a deal with God where if she stopped dating him, he would stay alive and not be killed by the bomb. Then somebody dies of a lung infection they get from walking around in the rain, which abruptly solves everybody's problems.

Speaking of walking around in the rain, it's a good thing the Prince of Monaco gets to do that all by himself, or he might not run coincidentally into a child billionaire named Chuck Bass who is also walking around in the rain.

Chuck: "Sorry about your fiancée's miscarriage. What else is new?"
Louis: "[A garbled mess.]"
Chuck: "Since you're just out here walking around in the rain, with a compromised immune system thanks to your royal inbreeding, why don't you let me walk you home? It will give me a great opportunity to complain about how Blair mysteriously stopped talking to me after running away with me and then thinking I was going to die. Like in that movie."
Louis: "[More crazy talk, followed by a hugely fake cough, followed by him coughing a tiny amount of blood into a handkerchief, followed by him swooning onto a divan.]"


Chuck: "You go get changed, princeling. I'll stand here in the foyer until Blair appears at the top of the stairs and is shocked to see me standing in this exact place where this always happens."
Blair: "...Chuck? What are you doing here in that one place in my foyer?"
Chuck: "Just bringing your fiancé home and wondering why you're mysteriously avoiding me."
Blair: "Speaking of that..."


Louis: "Hey, where did Blair go?"
Chuck: "She just vanished. It was peculiar."
Louis: "Oh yeah, she's always doing that. Since I'm only freakishly territorial and paranoid on every other day, I'm not worried about it right now."
Chuck: "We should hire detectives and stalk her to find out where she's going all the time. She's not with me, and she's not with Serena I presume, and if she's not with you it is a mystery. Since there aren't any other love interests on this show right now for her."
Louis: "No, I'm fairly sure she's cheating on us. On me, I mean."
Chuck: "But with whom?"

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