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The End Of The Affair?

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The New Year's Eve Of Magical Thinking


Chuck: "Hey, Daniel. We just time-traveled here from Manhattan to ask if you've seen Blair at odd hours going back for weeks and keeping it a secret."
Dan: "Hey guys. Good thing I'm twitchy and sketchy all the time, or it would look like you're onto me."
Chuck & Louis: "Hey, would you mind spying on Blair for us?"
Dan: "I would never."
Chuck: "Please?"
Dan: "Okay, I'll do it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have sneaky darting looks and shifty eyes to do everywhere."
Chuck & Louis: "Okay, well, it was nice seeing you."

They leave. Blair is standing in Dan's room looking cray-cray.

Blair: "Dan, they must never know about our secret arrangement they have already figured out."
Dan: "Somehow this is going to end up sexless and ridiculous, I can feel it."


Dan: "Oh hi Serena. I'm not doing anything sneaky with your friend Blair."
Serena: "I didn't ask. I am too busy trying to remember how to form words so that I can write my blog for Nate's internet periodical media concern."
Dan: "Okay, I just wanted you to know that I'm not here looking for Blair so we can go on one of our mysterious secret journeys."
Serena: "Okay, I guess I should notify you in turn that I am Serena van der Woodsen and I don't give much of a damn about anybody else or what they are up to."
Dan: "Glad we had this talk."

Nate: "What's this one doing here? I am still mad that he made me half a gay."
Dan: "That's so weird that the one thing that has actually penetrated your short-term memory problems is the most inconsequential thing of all time."
Nate: "Serena, let's go do media things. What's this guy doing here? I'm still mad at him."
Serena: "Just a second, I am finishing this blog. It's funny you mentioned Blair, because she is currently having a fitting at Vera Wang for her wedding dress."
Dan: "I will not act on that information. Nate, when will you stop being mad at me?"
Nate: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Dan: "Not hanging out with Blair in secret, I'll have you know."


Rufus: "Dear imaginary Jenny, thanks for calling. Here's a random Alexa Chung reference from a couple years ago."
Lily: "It was so fun having imaginary Jenny and imaginary Eric here during the time-jump over Blair's miscarriage. They sure are sweetly imaginary in my imagination."
Rufus: "I know that look! Now that Cousin Peepers has vanished you are thinking about producing another random child you forgot we have."
Lily: "No, I am pulling a Bart Bass and having Cousin Peepers hunted down by dogs."
Rufus: "I am weirdly judgmental about that for no other reason than that's what I do on this show."
Lily: "I don't care about your opinions."

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