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The End Of The Affair?

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The New Year's Eve Of Magical Thinking

Nate's Solution: That towncar driver probably has no plans on New Year's, so let's invite him back to a party with the same people that almost left his children orphaned a few months ago and see if he can remember anything he forgot to tell the cops.


Lily: "I am so excited for New Year's karaoke! Will you hate me if I sing 'Miss World' again?"

False. "Doll Parts." Please, "I fake it so real I am beyond fake?" That song was actually written about Lily Rhodes. But I bet if she sang it to Rufus he would figure out his life and whatever, he's off on a tear while I was thinking about Courtney Love.

Rufus: "You called that private investigator we are constantly calling at the drop of a hat because our children are always disappearing or being born under mysterious circumstances in convents or getting blown up by dudes you once fucked!"
Lily: "I really don't see what the problem is."
Rufus: "Actually, me neither. Judgmental and shrill is just my default. Resume your business."
Lily: "Hey Andrew, did you find Cousin Peepers? Oh, you say she's been enrolled in Juilliard this whole time? Thanks!"


Dan: "I think you should go to Nate's party tonight with Louis. Or without him."
Blair: "It's going to be tough, faking it at a party with my family and friends."
Dan: "Maybe that means something?"
Blair: "I assure you that it does not. Regular stuff no longer means anything to me, now that I am in the middle of a psychotic break."


Chuck & Louis: "Let's have a talking like this contest."


Dan: "I love this party, Nate! And your office! And your outfit! You're my hero, did I ever tell you that? All this time I was hanging out with Chuck doing weird threesomes and smoking pot, I was wishing it was you. I love you so much, man."
Nate: "Welcome to my party, guy I'm still mad at!"
Dan: "...Like a dog with a bone. A bitchy one."

Louis: "Maybe they're just talking? And this is coming from the guy who just apparently still hasn't noticed the two of you were pulled from flaming wreckage in the middle of cuckolding me."
Chuck, verbatim: "People don't rent secret apartments to discuss feelings, and frankly, an affair with Humphrey is the one thing that explains why she's not confiding in you and why she stopped speaking to me."

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