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Rufus is playing with his phone when Lily half-enters the gallery, watches him for a second, gets ahold of herself and tiptoes away ... but not fast enough. "Lily? What are you doing... I had no idea you were here! How was the trip? How's... Bart?" RUN, LILY! DO NOT GIVE HIM THE UPPER HAND! HE IS A HUMPHREY! "Good. Um, he's still in Beijing. On business, you know." Rufus rocks ever-so-slightly back on his heels, taking full advantage: "So... What brings you down here, Lily?" She mumbles weirdly about how she wanted to say hello, and he's like, "Um, I was just leaving." She's like, "Point taken. Later." But not so fast, Bass. "No, I just... Repo Man is playing at the Sunshine. You know how I love my Harry Dean Stanton." God, he's just unbearably hip, isn't he. Tell me that part about The Sopranos again?

They laugh about how Rufus is playing hooky, and Lily says she won't tell if he takes her with him, and they jaunt down Memory Ln. about how they just coincidentally happen to have the same amount of history, and romantic funny stories full of yearning for Ponyboy-type golden memories w/r/t to this particular movie and actor, as they do with everything on this entire earth. Color me shocked. Fifty years ago when they were young, she realized not even love could make that movie bearable -- as everybody with a boyfriend has done at some point in their lives -- and walked out, taking his soda with her. Boring story short, they go see Repo Man again so that Lily can do what she does best, which is pretend that the men in her life are interesting.

The Plastics surround Amanda like a living flood of Agn├Ęs B. "Hi, my name's Blair. You're new." Amanda starts to introduce herself, but of course B cuts her off immediately. "-- Oh, that's not important. We'd like to invite you to lunch." Amanda starts to explain that that's "sweet," but she has plans with Lonelyboy, and Iz cuts her off. "-- We know. Dan Humphrey. Bad idea." Penelope and Blair explains that doing such would be hazardous to her health: "Social, emotional... Even physical," Blair says, dropping her hockey stick on Amanda's stupid foot. "Besides, boyfriends are so much less reliable than girlfriends." Iz nods; that blonde girl with the brother from this morning's briefing is now a Plastic, of course. "We look out for each other. What do you say?" S walks up as the full-court press starts looking like werewolves, and pulls B out for a sidebar.

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