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We Have Always Lived in the Palace

Dan wakes up, still on the rooftop. His first party. It's Vanessa: "Hey, do you want to meet me and Scott so we can download about the epicness last night?" (Honey, no.) He says he's still hung over and begs off. There's a girl in his lap. It's poor Georgie, who once loved Serena so much she tore the world apart and burned it up. Who loves hotter and brighter than anyone in the world. She smiles up at him sleepily and he kisses her, headachy.

She falls back asleep, against his chest, and he's sort of amazed by himself once again. GG, too: "Apparently, higher education doesn't make for smarter decisions. So take out your notebooks and sharpen your pencils, kids. Gossip Girl's going to college... And this class has a lot to learn." But I don't know, it seems about right to me. It's about time for Dan to grow up, and that's all Georgina Sparks was ever meant to do. It's all any of us can do for each other.

I can't help my stupid hope, it's always with me

We are all embers from the same fire
We are all embers from the same fire
We are all embers from the same fire.

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