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Chuck gets his ring back from Harry Winston, because Blair is still in love with him. Dan spins out into crazy, and there's a reprise of the Shepherd Wedding Scenario -- we can only hope Serena kills somebody else afterwards -- which causes Blair to come gunning for Serena directly.

On the one hand, their friendship is more important than running through another BS war. But on the other hand, Dan was always going to be the Kryptonite, and this has all been a lovely respite from a very scary storm that I feel like we'd just gotten lulled into thinking would never come. The threats and warnings about this triangle have been going on since the whole Juliet/Damian thing, I mean, it's not a shock.

But it's also not, necessarily, a bad thing. Whether this war takes all next season, or gets wrapped up in the finale a few days from now, I know it's going to feel just as good either way when it ends, because they're the OTP and because they've never fought about this actual thing. They've fought about a lot of shit in their time, but it's never actually been about how much they love each other -- not since Season One, which was just a way of introducing everybody anyway -- which kind of makes this the one storyline the show actually needed to do at some point, I think.

I mean, I can see my way to complaining about the show pitting its two female leads against each other, because bitches always be fighting or whatever, but that stupid idea is exactly as real as you want it to be, and this show -- any drama -- is about solving conflicts. So let them solve this conflict. It's not really about Dan, anyway. It never was.

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