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The Downside To Relevance

Diana: "Well, keeping Bart alive. And pretending to be your mother to protect him. And Nate... Well, I guess I can thank you for that one."
Chuck: "Look, I'm not here to hug it out. I just want to know who my dad's afraid of, so I can wade into that scenario half-cocked and get myself shot in the abdomen again."
Diana: "Fine, I'm cool with letting you do whatever you want. But you're going to owe me bigtime."


Chuck: "Offers to which they cannot say no, fast turnaround, scheming scheming money money."
Serena: "Hey, I just walked in here off the street like any random person can. Are you hungry?"
Chuck: "Yes, for liquor."
Serena: "Blair asked me to come check up on you. Or so the story goes."
Chuck: "That was nice of her, but since I'm a sociopath it's just irritating that she didn't come herself."
Diana: "Hey! I am also here."
Serena: "What?"


Blair: "Sorry you had to wait so long for me to answer your summons, but I have a kind of life. Or I mean, I'm trying to create one. That isn't all about a guy."
Dan: "No problem! Listen, about that. How would you like to abandon your world and the life you're creating, and come live in Rome as my personal pet?"
Blair: "That sounds tremendously unappealing, but maybe?"
Dan: "The only thing is we have to get you vetted today."
Blair: "When I fuck it up, then, the question is whether I'll know I'm doing it..."
Dan: "...And whether I'll figure that out. Yes."


Nate: "You are everywhere! Chuck, why is Diana here?"
Diana: "Hey, little guy! Aren't you tough."
Chuck: "Nathaniel, a word?"

Chuck: "So I am going to set Diana up with a newspaper in the UK that's looking to be revitalized, like how she has done to The Spectator in nine out of ten storylines."
Nate: "But what about when I expose her as a procuress?"
Chuck: "You won't. That's part of the deal."
Nate: "But what about justice!?"
Chuck: "Just let it go, babe. You wanted her out, I got her out."
Nate: "But Lola and I are working on a scheme!"
Chuck: "And I'm sure it was a good one. But this way actually has a chance of working, so..."


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