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Dan and Jenny -- who sadly looks at the pizza on the table and then shoves it away -- advise Vanessa to chill out and give Nate some space, because he's doing the work he's always been afraid of doing, and Jenny has a very wistful, sad edge when she adds the prerequisite "you guys belong together" at the end. Oh, girl. I miss Jenny, I'm so glad she's got an episode coming up. Vanessa snatches at the pizza, bemoaning the tiny food of rich people; Dan jokes that that's how they stay so rich, by only eating tiny food, and the girls obligingly laugh at his funny. When Jenny gets up to turn on some music, Dan promises Vanessa it's going to be okay, and she almost cries. I sort of wish she would call him right now.

When exactly was it that we, or I, started rooting so hard for Vanessa and Nate? I've always loved Nate and there's nobody else for him to date -- which makes the awesomeness of the end of this episode even more surprising -- and Vanessa, what they have done with her is nothing short of remarkable, because she hasn't changed an iota and yet still has become imminently palatable. I mean, there's no need for her to ever laugh about how annoying she is again, because you only get one of those jokes to make the point, but it's bigger than that. I guess it's just like anybody else, and you have to see enough of anybody's angles before they make sense, I mean, we just had to take it on faith through half the first season that Blair was something more than a dangerous psychopath, and look at her now. Yes, she's a dangerous psychopath. But also so much more!

Rufus comes back in and Lily, in her reading glasses and twisted sideways so we don't see her giant pregnant self, tells him to fuck right off on out of there, but he hands her a new list. It's on a napkin from some lame Rufus place, and he gestures nervously for her to flip it over. "Romance novels, Sonoma cabernets, Christmas tree ornaments?" He explains that's the only list he needs: "Things that you make you happy, or sad, or crazy." She takes off her glasses, touched, and he throws a little Rufus on it: "Although that last one would be kind of hard to condense." She smiles a little, although this episode did give her a little more crazy to deal with than usual. They apologize to each other for the whole stupid episode, and she asks how come his list was so short. "I know you were married for eighteen years, but you were the lead singer of a not entirely unpopular band." He nods sweetly, watching her with a funny face. "And I remember beautiful girls throwing themselves at you every night..." Simple. He was in love with her the whole time. She smiles, and he kisses her. "Springtime. A season for rebirth and new beginnings..."

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