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Meanwhile, the conversations with Chuck and Blair ringing in her ears, Serena tries to get ~♥~RPATTZ~♥~ into a cab. For what reason, I do not know, since I was pretty sure he was staying at the Empire and thus only needed to take a cab upstairs, but whatever, so he says he wants to go out and party, and she has to go with him because she's his fake girlfriend and he can't be seen without her. He gets all up in her situation as he says this, and S feels herself on the trembling edge of whoredom and Sharpies a farewell on a cocktail napkin -- as one does, in a grownup job -- giving KC her notice, before stuffing it in the breast pocket of ~♥~RPATTZ~♥~ and sending him to KC's house.

Blair, bereft, comes out onto the sidewalk to find Serena and beg her to come home. Serena's standing on the other side of the street, desperately staring at her, begging her to cross. And it might happen -- if she just crossed the street. If she just made the move.

Maureen joins Grandfather at the bar with a glass of white, and slowly leads him to understanding/praising her meddling way of throwing people in the river. William is, of course, unsure whether or not she's talking to him, because she's turned her head 180° around on her neck like Hedwig the better to address the empty air with all her implications and mumbled subtleties. At last she's like, "You thought I was like this dumb political wife arm trophy," and William awesomely informs her that he never even gave her that much thought, so she changes her tune and says that she did it all so that Tripp could finally be free of William altogether, and that way she gets a Congressman without all the van der Bilt bullshit. Which doesn't even make rudimentary sense, but what do I know? I have no idea who she's even talking to.

The sad piano of "I See You" by Mika plays over Blair, wrapped up in a robe on top of the sheets in Chuck's suite, where all his art has reappeared after Jenny took over his PRADA room. She's staring into space and missing Serena when Chuck comes in, and she admits that she broke it off with Brandeis. "But that's okay," she says once again, as he curls himself around her: "I have you. That's all I need." She'll say it a million times, but the sadness in her eyes will keep saying something very different.

And Vanessa Abrams will stay up late, trying to enjoy her famous footage and her name in lights, but the camera will keep going to Nate, the moral compass she used to call her friend; and on Fallon that night, Olivia and Dan will watch Olivia and Jimmy make sushi together, and Jimmy apologizing to Bathroom Boy and wishing them a happy anniversary; and Chuck will finally fall asleep, with his arms around Blair, who will stare at the wall until she's gone too; and Serena will sit all alone at the bar in the Empire, long after the guests have left, and when Tripp comes to sit with her, she'll smile and trace one finger down her neck, across her brow, tossing her hair, confiding in her friend. He will see her when he looks at her, like she is something real.

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