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At Least We Burn Trying

Serena's eyes have gone dead, but she pulls it together at this one, because it's not true of Chuck any more than it is for her, or for any of us. "I've known Chuck my whole life, and he's better than anyone I know at pushing people away. I don't care what he says or does, but there's no child that doesn't want to know their parent." She gets up, she leaves, she's right. And because it's Serena, who is magical, even this total freaky acting-out on some random lady is going to bring them back around again. She's going to save the day.

She hid around corners and she hid under beds
She killed it with kisses and from it she fled...

Florence + The Machine (find and hear their "Halo" cover, it's so impressive even the Live Lounge presenter starts crying) play as Vanessa finally pulls it together, breaks off a piece of Humphrey and leads him into a corner for a beautifully overlapping conversation. It feels completely improvised, which is exciting particularly because it's mostly acting but also the strength of Vanessa's words, which are funny and beautifully in character -- as are Dan's short interjections -- but have a wonderful rhythm on the page that Jessica Szohr translates perfectly into the scene:

"Look, you're right. I lied to you about Paul and then kissed you. Because I have feelings for you. I'm scared, because I don't want to ruin our friendship. We're in this No Man's Land: We aren't hooking up right now because we want to stay friends, but we aren't friends right now because we want to hook up. It's like we're being so cautious that we're ruining everything. I think we should just throw down and see what happens. If we go up in flames..." ("At least we know we burned trying," he supplies, getting into her metric.) "I'm scared," she says, and they kiss. And it is a Very Good Kiss, with the beautiful song playing, and I'm still just aghast at how this happened, how one episode can make you into the biggest fan of them.

Happiness hit her like a train on a track
Coming towards her stuck still no turning back

They cancel each other out! They can handle the bullshit of each other! They already had the bad-idea sex! Nobody else likes them! Florence + The Machine also! But mostly they are funny and geeky and stutter and they don't kill people or have dead mom fake-outs or deal drugs! They're just normal, slightly repulsive human beings!

Jenny, showing once again how wack (but believable) her perspective is, is less concerned about the breakdown of their entire family and moving back to DUMBO than she is about being grounded from her ancient drug-dealing boyfriend. Rufus has the valid point that no matter how sad-puppy Dalgaard is (or is not), she lied to her parents right in their stupid faces to protect him and his GIANT BAG OF PILLS. Therefore, she is showing signs of Capuletism and needs to get grrrrounded before something real bad happens. And he's right, and it hurts as much to say that as it does for Jenny to hear it.

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