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Serena tosses the invite down in front of Georgina, who has been the emcee for this whole Chuck/Blair thing -- although she has no idea that it inspired their own plan to reconcile their differences in the attempt to "protect" Serena from herself. "Does Le Table √Člitaire even exist, Georgina?" Georgie holds her champagne high. "I'm sorry, but my French is a little rusty. Maybe you should start with excusez-moi." Serena explains the CLUE about the "g" on the invite -- which, she reminds us, as caused her no end of trouble in the past -- and from beneath a mighty Bumpit Georgie admits that Le Table √Člitaire does exist, and that her friend Devyn -- the mean-looking girl at McPherson's office -- was a Dartmouth member, before of course she went to Tuck for grad school, and why do I know this much about that pointy-girl's c.v.? She still dresses like a hostess at Brandy Library. "I doubt the NYU chapter has ever heard of Blair Waldorf. If there even is an NYU chapter," she laughs. Props for originality, though. If you did that shit to Rory Gilmore she'd commit suicide and you know it.

"Oh, good," Serena says mordantly. "So you haven't changed at all. What about Dan?" Protective as usual. "Dan is Dan. But when it comes to Blair Waldorf, I don't have to do much but sit back, light a match and watch her go up in flames." Word. Serena points out that eventually Blair will push back: "And when she does, I will be right behind her." And then Serena does maybe the coolest thing she's done in a while, which is fix those eyes on Georgie and say very carefully -- very much a Rhodes Woman in her mother's absence -- "Now. We've had enough of you tonight." She stands aside to let Georgie pass, and then physically shoves her using only the powers of her eyeballs to make her obey. Totally awesome.

Outside, Serena joins the Humphries at the car, and they talk about dinner, and Dan wants to find Georgie, but Serena just shakes her head and tells him they need to talk; Rufus invites Vanessa along, of course, and they sail away... Just as Georgina's coming out to look for them. Left out in the cold, again. Inside the car: Serena, Vanessa, Dan; Jenny, Rufus. A happy family. Everybody she wished would accept her, in the opening of the episode. Outside the car: Just Georgina, in the new shape she took on, that still didn't do it. Georgina, again. Talk about a victimless crime.

Georgie calls him once they're back at home, hanging out in Serena's room at PRADA, all her colors faded to black and purple. She realizes immediately that Serena told him about the Blair/Chuck plan, and she stutteringly explains that she sent the √Člitaire invite last week, before they hooked up -- right around the time Blair was accusing her of all this shit -- but points out that it's Blair and Chuck, of all people. "I mean, talk about a victimless crime!" He admits this point, but says he wants to chill out regardless. She's incredibly sad, but she doesn't protest. "Right. No strings. I'll see you later."

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