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The Song Is The Boy

"And when you see your brother, you can tell him that you saw the room he slept in, and that you found it just the same."

He told her then that his brother was dead.

The woman was silent for a moment. Then she looked at him and said: "He died here, didn't he? In this room?"

He told her that it was so.

"Well, then" she said, "I knew it. I don't know how. But when you told me he was here, I knew it."

He said nothing. In a moment the woman said, "What did he die of?"

So that hushed convo with Vanessa was actually at PRADA, where Rufus has been giving his son guitar lessons, and they talk dorkily about that, and Rufus pretends to have an ounce of reality about himself -- "I don't know about 'one of the greats,' maybe one of the 'pretty goods'," he says -- and they start to play. And either I'm crazy, or the song that they're playing is the first chords of "Everytime," which is the song that Rufus wrote for Lily ("Every time you walk away or go away/ You take a piece of me with you") which is just... Fucking awesome. The song is the boy is the song. I love this show so much.

Spurred on by the song, Scott starts into the whole "been meaning to talk to you" dance, and of course Rufus has no idea, and tries to go on this whole "Vanessa's like a daughter to me and what are your intentions" bullshit trip ("Not to slip into after-school special territory," he says, like he doesn't live there as its regent) and Scott tells Rufus that he likes V for some reason, and that hopefully things will work out. Which is a smooth way of getting back to the conversation Rufus just interrupted for his weekly five-second bout of parenting other people's kids, and he gets interested, but then Jenny and Eric (Hi Jenny! Hi Eric!) appear and Eric points out that '72 Bowie looks like Shakira, and Scott takes off and Jenny goes, "Why is he here all the time?" Rufus doesn't know. He just likes pretending other people's kids are his kids and the whole world is his kids and that way his ridiculous behavior makes sense.

In the meantime I need some mean time
To break down the defenses of our enemies
One less person in dress rehearsal
One less hopeless dreamer

Serena explains to Dan that she's only being cool about the Georgina thing because dating Carter and seeing the way he's changed -- the way he keeps globe-hopping for her benefit, and treating her like a person and not a volatile chemical agent like everybody else -- has given her a new belief in folks. Dan says dating Carter is just dating Chuck without the nouveau riche part, and she laughs and punches his arm, then reminds him to check for ice picks and closet lurkers. "Piece of advice?" she says, and not for the last time, "You should make sure she knows that. Because if Georgina likes somebody, she will go from zero to crazy before you know it." And she should know. She wishes him luck and he floats away somewhere, and Carter bounds serendipitously onto the scene without so much as a courtesy cut.

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