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The Song Is The Boy

Carter kisses Serena wonderfully and asks her to spend the weekend with him in the Downing: A "weekend of room service and white fluffy robes?" She reminds him that he's been cut off, and he grins. "Where there's a white fluffy robe, there's a way." She stutteringly makes the decision to step things up and invite him to do things with the whole crazy family, which we know from previous boyfriends is a really big deal for her, because her family is crazy and because she knows what being an outsider is like. And of course maybe Dan will pretend to be a cater-waiter and ruin a holiday or something.

Carter's happy to be asked, but before they can discuss it some girl jumps up out of nowhere, serendipitously onto the scene, and flirtily calls him the Carter Baizen she hooked up with at Brandy Library last month. He assures her that he is not "Carter Baizen who drinks his single malt with one ice cube and claimed to be leaving with the Peace Corps the next day," but allows as how the guy sounds charming. The girl Aubrey slaps him and runs away, SAG card now firmly in hand. Serena starts getting that sinking feeling she often feels, and asks if this is a case of mistaken identity. "Obviously. You know I take my scotch neat." Heh. Serena rolls her eyes and he promises it wasn't real, whatever it was. He tries to get her back on the invite train, because he really does want to do the meet the family thing, but she rolls her eyes all over the place and flounces off. He smolders manfully, as Carter usually does.

Vanessa asks a girl at the bursar if Scott Adler is taking Comp Theory, but the girl is wearing more necklaces than she is, and thus doesn't have to tell her. "When faced with an uncertain future, the questions we truly hate to ask are the ones we fear we already know the answer to," GG notes. Well, then, Vanessa asks if she can just find out if he even goes to NYU. The girl rolls her eyes in a sisterly manner: "My last boyfriend told me his dad invented the battery." Heh. Turns out that there's no Scott Adler at the school. Vanessa bershons her ass out of there, because that's the limit of her stalking abilities.

"Are you going to tell your mother you were here?"

"I don't think so."

"I -- I wonder how she feels about this room."

"I don't know. She never speaks of it."

"Oh. ...How old was he?"

"He was twelve."

"You must have been pretty young yourself."

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