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The Song Is The Boy

B's important breakfast meeting is, of course, Chuck. She's wearing a cute trench dress and comes accompanied by some kind of a chef. "I recommend the hot apple cider caramel," she says, and he smiles at her in that delighted way he's perfected this season: "On what?" She drops the trench to reveal a gorgeous sheer chemise and boyshorts. Note that she still looks amazing: Romantic Bright Star bun low on the neck, tendrils, the whole thing: "Surprise me." He notes that she is awesome, and he kisses her -- she curls into his lap in her little outfit like a dream secretary, and he fiddles with his necktie as usual when he says the word meeting: "I have a really big meeting in a few hours." B laughs and points out that means they have hours, and he gestures to his dick: "I have to keep my focus."

"It's with Sean MacPherson. I'm only gonna get one shot with him." (Famous, real person.) Blair points out that this means she's not a one-shot, but "some endless font of do-overs," which thank God for it, and she bounces. He asks her where she's going to go, and the thin veneer of not-crazy she's been rocking this week quickly crumbles: "No idea. I officially have nowhere left to go. My roommate is a nympho with a sock-fetish, I have no friends at school, and now my boyfriend would rather obsess about a restaurateur than spend quality time with me... And hasn't, by the way, in five days!" She slams the door, and he focuses or whatever.

Outside, girlfriend is bereft, and takes a moment to pull it together before dropping her aforementioned mail all over the floor. Kneeling by a credenza outside Chuck's office, she finds something wonderful. GG: "In biblical times, destiny was delivered in the form of stone tablets or a burning bush*. But today, true destiny is often engraved and carries an embossed seal."

You've been invited to Le Table √Člitaire. Good luck...

*(Maybe this counts as a CLUE. I can't think of a single time the words "fever" or "embers" or whatever didn't relate directly to you know who, and there are a lot of Old Testament references that end up coming back to her, because she is mighty and because of OMJC.) So we pull back on Blair crouched primly on the floor, phoning Serena immediately with much excitement.

Dan stalls for a bit before heading to Georgina's door, but because she is spooky she opens it immediately before he can knock. He says words. "I was just, uh, I... I... I wanted to talk to you about us. No... Not us us." She continues to grin amazingly. "It's, uh, look, here's the thing. But I just want to make sure we're on the same page about us..." Her smile finally falls, and she does the ankle-dip. "...'Hanging out' like we do." Boys are so gross. God. You can actually hear the airquotes. "If you want me to leave, I can understand. Uh..." She asks if this was his first of those talks -- not that he said anything -- and then assures him that he's adorable. She leans in way weirdly, over the threshold (note that for later), and kisses him, then invites him for pizza. "Don't worry. No strings," she says, and he closes the door behind her. "I like pizza..." He thanks his lucky stars, quietly: "That was easy!"

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