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The Song Is The Boy

Bree Buckley is wearing another hideous fucking late-'90s summer dress, this one as usual in colors that are so ugly they are surreal. I guess she's gauche, I guess that's what we're supposed to take away from all this monstrous fashion. But this unending parade of nastiness is still not a patch on the hell Blair is about to look like, so who knows. I talk a good game but I find a lot of fashion really confusing. Anyway, she and Nate are walking around in public talking about one day when they can walk around in public, and Bree complains that her family still won't talk to her after last week's Long Weekend, and that she even went so far as to write on her dad's Facebook wall. But maybe one day they will go out in public, they discuss in public, and finally Nate offers to call up his peeps and see what they're doing, and then they can make their public debut. That way, either nothing will happen or they'll call her and bitch, but either way they'll be doing exactly what they decided not to do the last two episodes in a row, so...

This is a paparazzi-baiting scenario, which is fun because of Serena's thing in the first episode, which reminds me of how pissed I was at myself for not remarking on the Lady Gaga thing there -- I'm you're biggest fan/ I'll follow you until you love me/ Papa/ Paparazzi -- which of course was also Scott's MO, come to think of it. So now we've got four Kaspar Hausers looking for their dads -- using four different media/surveillance schemes to get there -- including Nate in the middle, who went through all this same shit two years ago with the Captain, and knows how bad it can burn you, but which hasn't stopped him pressing the bruise with William Vanderbilt, who is basically his father figure in this season's setup anyway. The song is the boy is the song.

B's all happy when Chuck shows up with auction catalog, assuming he's there to make up. He does apologize, but explains that he's there for a particular photograph. She's excited: That's why she's there too: "My prayers have been answered! A secret collegiate society wants me! Initiation's easy, all you have to do is contribute to their salon's art collection as a fee, so..." It's sort of sad and very smart of the culprit, because of course Blair's terrified of the real world, the whole "they forget there's a class system" aspect of NYU, and this is a way for her to be in the world but not of it. Proof once again that she's better than her actual station. So all she has to do to prove that she's better than the lowly people who don't like her is to buy her way in. It's the same photo, of course, so Chuck rolls his eyes.

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