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Thank You For Not Letting Me Be Myself Again

Lily and Eric are eating at the same restaurant as last year, just the two of them, and attempting to be funny about it. Eric says Serena ran off somewhere with her file, maybe to burn it, and Lily approves. Eric comes clean about having read Lily's file, and then gets the calmer, quieter, more decent Eric version of upset: "I can't believe you didn't tell me you were in an institution like me. You were nineteen. Just a few years older than I was, and after everything I went through last year..." Lily's like, "Yeah, no. Maybe I should have said something, but I wanted to be strong for you. Plus, I really wasn't ready to revisit it." She feels crappy, and Eric immediately says that they will be discussing it for sure, but on her timetable, because he knows it takes time to get your act together about weird stuff in your history. She smiles and calls him wise, but when she asks where it comes from, he can't even keep a straight face saying, "The nanny." Not actually joking. They laugh, hard, and then she decides to take him somewhere more homelike for a real Thanksgiving dinner. Eric doesn't know where she's headed with him, but I'm sure you do.

Serena shows up at the engagement party and, since B's not answering their texts, offers to find out where she is for Eleanor and Cyrus. She hands over her file to Aaron, which is brilliant and a nice mirror to the Charlie Trout thing with Bart a couple weeks ago, and tells him Dan is not the liar, she is. She leaves, telling Eleanor where Blair is, and Aaron thinks really hard about how Serena is simultaneously both a fascinating and total enigma, and sort of boring, somehow, all the time.

Jenny's all frozen cold, once again feeling hobo feelings and walking down the street -- she spots B marching her way and immediately stops because while whatever happens next is going to be brutal and unstoppable, you also can't escape Blair. "What are you doing?" Blair asks her possessively, as though Jenny is as of this moment another problem on her plate, which is pretty much unconditional affection if you consider the source and circumstances, and Jenny fills it in for her. Blair's like, "Your Dad tracked you down? I have literally taken to the streets in a bid for attention, and gotten nothing for my efforts but a lovely afternoon at the duck pond. Your problems are bullshit, Jenny Humphrey." Jenny points out that, collateral and psychological damage aside, Eleanor loves the shit out of Blair ("in her own way," Jenny euphemizes) and B's like, "Yes, it's both burden and boon, but nevertheless your pathetic father outweighs mine, considering mine absconded to France and is not here for my favorite holiday."

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