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Thank You For Not Letting Me Be Myself Again

Nighttime, Vanessa and Chuck head over to Nate's house to see if he's there yet. Yes, the FBI gave back all their frozen assets -- although they still need the electricity turned on -- but more importantly, Nate wants to be totally sincere and tell them how much he loves them. Chuck steps two inches away and blatantly stares at Vanessa and Nate renegotiating their relationship for the eightieth time after quite clearly offering to give them a second, and they agree to maybe go out -- Nate mirrors Jenny's syntax about how they haven't talked in two weeks, which ... No, okay, I just figured that out. He sent that letter to Jenny two weeks ago thinking she would defy Dan's wishes and come find him, but she never got the letter so he thinks they're over, and meanwhile Jenny never got the letter, so she thinks they're over. So when she gets home and finds the letter, she will have to find him immediately, but he doesn't know that yet, so he's thought they're over for two weeks, so he should hook up with Vanessa. Wow, I totally didn't get that. Anyway, they're both down, and then she leaves (with a sweet little pat on Chuck's shoulder) and just before Nate envelopes him in the manhug of all time, Chuck's like, "Let's get drunk (first)." They laugh uproariously and throw their arms around each other anyway.

When B and Eleanor get home, Cyrus is sitting... With Harold! B wigs out and they embrace each other fiercely, and he apologizes for not getting their earlier, and then with all her characteristic bluntness and deep inner seriousness going full throttle, she shouts "This is the surprise? I thought you were getting engaged!" The whole crowd murmurs and Eleanor giggles, because fucking that up was the most Blair thing Blair's ever done, and she says yes, that she wanted Harold to vet Cyrus first because he's going to be her stepfather, and Harold gets right of approval on that. Harold and Cyrus are totally cute during all this. Cyrus calls for a celebration, and Dorota hands Harold a huge picnic basket containing a pie the size of a hubcap, and asks B if she wants some before dinner. "I guess I'm ready for a new tradition," Blair says, and her dad grins like that made any sense whatsoever.

Rufus and Dan return to DUMBO, sad that Jenny didn't come home even though they knew their hope was in vain, but it turns out she did come home ("I don't want to not be your daughter," she says tearfully, while ripping up the emancipation papers) and then they all group hug each other so hard their Humphreyness threatens to burst out and drench the loft.

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