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Thank You For Not Letting Me Be Myself Again

Aaron comes to the Bass apartment and finds Serena, sad and exposed on the bed, but quickly tells her that he is not interested in reading the file. Serena's like, "Seriously, it's a lot of information and it's probably more time-effective if you just read it," but Aaron says some shit about how she can just tell him whatever she wants and that he wants to know her and whatever, and then kisses her. She's got a giant scary eyeball painting on her wall ever since Lily redecorated, and at first I thought it was just fucked up and ugly and would mean less sleep for the people in the room, but honestly: can you think of a better set dressing decision than a giant eyeball staring at her? Every single character on this show should have a giant eyeball painting on their wall.

The Humphreys are laughing about something stupid when Lily enters the loft with Eric, and fully says with a straight face, "It's Thanksgiving, and I couldn't think of anywhere that felt more like home," (Meaning of course that she wants to bone Rufus, but also that Bart is sort of scary") and then tells Little J she's happy she decided the same thing. She tells Eric ("E," she calls him) to get Serena, and he says he already messaged her. "What about Bart?" Rufus asks, meaning "Are we going to be lovers yet?" and Lily answers the more sane question she can pretend he's asking: "Not coming." Rufus is content with that, and soon whips everybody into a cooking frenzy. You know, with Lily and Eric there I actually like being in the loft. It does feel more like home.

Vanessa comes in and gives Dan some flowers for the table, and then picks her way through the landmines of the Jenny/Nate situation, saying she's just happy Jenny's home and that they should put it behind them because their friendship is more important than guys or whatever, and they all hug and wiggle around and act dorky and adorable, and it's Thanksgiving. Dan reminds Jenny to go through all her mail from the whole time she was homeless, and Vanessa immediately snatches the letter from Nate that nobody else noticed! Vanessa, you do not disappoint! "As the end of another holiday draws near, I'd like to take a moment to list all the things I'm thankful for..." Me too, GG! Starting with Vanessa's inherent horribleness! I am so thankful for it right now, because that is amazing!

In the limo, Chuck refills Nate's glass for the hundred times and shoots him some intense rape faces, waiting for his moment: "I'm thankful that no matter how dark things might get, old friendships can still be rekindled..."

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