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Waking The Dragon

GG: "Spotted! Dr. vdDubs, shitting himself forever."


Georgina: "Zasp! I have appeared!"
Blair: "It doesn't even interest me to find out how you always do that."
Georgina: "Look, I'm sorry you were collateral damage, I just wanted to ruin some lives and yours was already so close to being ruined by your nonstop horrible decisions and ridiculous behavior."
Blair: "That makes sense."
Georgina: "Now, because I posted that picture from Dan's phone, I have Chuck on my side. The only other threat to my power right now is you, which means I am going to need to build up some capital..."
Blair: "What could you possibly do for me that would put me in your debt? I only have eleven thousand problems."
Georgina: "I will save your Waldorf fortune and get you out of your marriage. It's because of my GG intel, but that's all I'm going to say."
Blair: "Fine. You go take care of my major issues, and when you come back I'll be in your pocket."

You know who I miss? Carter Baizen. I wish Carter Baizen worked the same power economy as Georgina, I think he'd be really good at it. Nevertheless, this is a pretty awesome -- if barely sketched -- idea, and I'm excited to see what happens next. This is one othe most exciting turns of events, in an episode packed to the brim with exciting events, I have ever seen.


I will say too, at this juncture, that the bewildered -- not to say defensive -- shock of the writers for the past year, at all the fan vitriol, makes a lot more sense if you know where this was headed. (The fan vitriol itself, of course, doesn't make any sense at all unless you are an emotionally disturbed college freshman with excess feelings, but that goes without saying.) The prince, the shoe thing, all the hide and seek with Dan... It was adding up to itself in ways that mostly made sense, and with sufficient foresight were fairly well telegraphed, so it's unbelievably satisfying to have finally caught up with all the initial seeds that have been planted. But on the other hand, and I think I mentioned this in the recaplet, those things are valuable in proportion to how enjoyable the actual episodes are, and that's where it fell down a lot of the time.

Knowing the destination makes for satisfaction in the writers' room, but the only people who use the word "endgame" are shippers, and shippers don't know shit about storytelling. It's not the ends, it's the means, because the means are the ends, so no matter how satisfying and great things are right now, it doesn't retroactively improve past episodes.

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