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Waking The Dragon

Blair: "Listen, you crazy little nugget. I get it. I get where you are coming from, and I don't begrudge you anything. Frankly, I don't begrudge Louis anything either. When Humphrey disclosed his implication in all this, it was like a blister being popped, and suddenly I was able to see everything from a new perspective. That's why it's called radical honesty. If there's one thing his inauthentic Brooklyn organic bullshit is actually worth, it's the idea that there's something underneath the burlesque -- even if searching for it becomes its own kind of performance. So I am going to be honest with you, and with myself, and you won't even hear me talking but I have to say it anyway. I love you, but I am not currently in love with you. And you deserve more than that. You deserve reality. So do I."

It's like she's on the other side of glass, suddenly. He can see and hear her, but she's joined a new world and a different order. I don't know if she'll succeed -- Serena's been trying to negotiate this since we met her and she's about to fall asleep again; it's asking a lot, it's asking the rest of your life when you go here and try this -- but I do think it's time to try. Time to wake.


Serena: "Lola, I know that was some ass-awful behavior, but you have no idea what Ivy has done to us all, including you..."
Lola: "You know what, you're not my family. You're hers. And after that display, I'm thinking she is the only one worth pitying."
Serena: "She's a criminal!"
Lola: "You made her one. All you people do is act like assholes to each other."

I always thought Revenge was interesting in that way too, like watching somebody pretty and blonde taking down the 1 percent becomes its own nasty pleasure, like that endless year of shit-talking Ruth Madoff. #occupyeastegg. It isn't the way I prefer to live my life, but it's there for you if you're the kind of person that gets off on that stuff.

Serena: "Isn't there any way I can trick you into coming back and joining our ranks? Surely Nate can find some new creepy way to force you into doing what I want..."
Lola: "No, the only reason I stuck around was to find out who my father is. Or something along those lines."

Carol: "Segue! Let's get drunk and fuck. Like we used to, back when you got me pregnant with my daughter Charlotte. And while we're on the subject, how about you take away all of Ivy's money and give it to me, somehow through legal magic, or else I will tell everybody about that."
Wm vdW: "That is some information I did not previously have."
Carol: "You think Lily's crazy drunk now? Wait until I tell her our daughters are sister-nieces. For God's sake, Lola was born between Serena and Eric, dude. You are scroooooood."

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