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They leave Vanya behind, adorably WTFing at the bitchy madness of the prose, and on the elevator Jenny waxes excited, Eric-style, about the way their families are sort of finally blending. Dan bites his lip for a single second before spilling about the phone call a second ago. Jenny points out, drawing on her rich experience as a homeless person, that if Rufus sells the loft they won't have a place to live, and Dan's like, "I'm going to be living at Yale, but I assume you'd be moving on up? To the East Side? To a deluxe apartment in the sky?" Jenny awkwardly-topically notes Dan's obsessive watching of old sitcoms on Hulu, but worries at it. She swears Rufus wouldn't leave Brooklyn, but Dan's like, "Hmm, though." Jenny complains that they're... She searches for the word for what they are, and Dan's like, "Humphreys?" I love this scene because they're so natural and funny and affectionate with each other that for once it doesn't sound like an insult. She gives him a damn straight, and he says without looking at her that she grew up good. He looks at her after he says it, and it's really sweet, and she is very cute, like, "Um, yeah? Duh?"

They come out into Lily's apartment, where the party is in full swing, and the Plastics immediately swarm. Isabel congratulates Jenny on the party, and she dorkily shuffles the million boardgames around, asking what the hell they're doing there. "Once I heard Poppy Lifton was coming to your party, I canceled mine," Penelope explains. "In the last twenty minutes, I've been hit on by two Bronfmans and a gay designer. It was so worth it." Isabel's loving it; Hazel offers Jenny kudos on "rising from the social grave," and Nelly Yuki casts aspersions on the chili Dan's carrying before they run off, Hazel snorting at him hatefully as she brings up the back. I'm very happy to see her! "I liked my social grave," Jenny snits awesomely: "I dug it myself, and I was happy to lie in it. What's going on? Why are they here?" Dan goes looking for a caterer so he can get rid of the chili, and Jenny spots Serena in the thick of things.

Jenny's wearing a black jacket over the Missoni dress, so basically she looks like Jenny Humphrey, and Poppy and Serena hop up and down. Jenny's like, "Poppy, how great that you're so unexpectedly here," shooting meaningful eyeball lasers at Serena, who sends Poppy off to grab drinks so she can do damage control. "Surprised?" she asks, by which she means, "Please tell me that you are not going to get mad, and just follow my lead here." Jenny admits she's more confused than anything, and asks about Rufus and Lily. "They're at Billy Elliot, fifth row center. I told them that a girl only turns sixteen once, and she needs to spend it with her friends. And friends of friends. My present to you!" Her whole face is just this open letter to the editor begging Jenny to be cool and fit into the plan -- and I mean, at this point it's the sensible thing to do, after all, because like it or not theoretically, it is actually happening -- but being cool and going with reality are not what Humphreys do, duh.

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