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"Money Honey" by Lady Gaga -- "It's good to live expensive/ But my knees get weak intensive.../ Baby when you tear me to pieces/ That's money, honey" -- plays Jenny and Serena into Missoni, where they meet up with Poppy for some shopping. Serena explains that Lily wanted her to have her dream dress for her party, and Poppy suggests a gorgeous glittery champagne gown, which Jenny does like, but she protests that she's not exactly going to be partying like a grownup this year. She runs off with a very Jenny dress, some kind of Holly Hobby trim along the bottom, and it reminds me: did you know Taylor Momsen doesn't use a stylist on the show? That's all her idea, the stuff Jenny's wearing this year. Isn't that cool? I think that's really cool, although there's a double edge there having to do with mullets and eyeshadow, but barring those it's way more hits than misses, I think.

Left alone with Poppy, Serena thanks her for coming and admits that she's in a total rut, but is winsomely embarrassed and sunny and It Girl enough about it that it's okay to talk about. "A girl like you should be on the arm of a designer at the costume ball one day and yachting around the Maldives the next. Not making up and breaking up with the same high school boy and feuding with your frenemy." The completely unimpressed disinterest with which she says these things is very telling, not hateful at all but just pitying enough that it strengthens Serena's resolve. They agree that the party is a good start, but Serena points out that Jenny's tastes have been diverging from normal for about a year now.

Poppy, still wearing that fucked-up vest I'll point out, tells Serena that any kid, even Jenny, would be happy to have the kind of party they're thinking about: "Adult, elegant, the right notables in attendance. And you saw the way that she looked at that dress, she loves it. She wants a party like this, she just needs someone to hold her hand a little." And I don't even think Poppy's wrong about that. A super party is super fun, no matter what the occasion, and I think Jenny could have a lot of fun just seeing what happens. But I also know the last time she was a guest of honor at a party, it was the Asher Hornsby debacle, and her stock hasn't exactly risen since then, so there's not really a way to change her mind about any of it. Not that Serena, closest friend and companion to The Unstoppable Force and former girlfriend of the Immovable Object, would understand that, because moving those mountains is sort of her entire job.

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