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Beyond The Goblin City

Georgina: "This hovel? But you're rich! That vile troglodyte Nikki Finke put your picture up next to Harvey's, you should be looking for a soundproof room and a bidet and a guest bath."
(Bidets are discussed. Best to overlook that part.)
Dan: "Are you saying you want to live here? In my house? But what about your gay husband?"
Georgina: "Now that I'm magically and absurdly a famous talent manager, I can't live in Brooklyn anymore. Philip can have it, with his Daddy & Me classes and his freedom to have a baby. And gay sex."

Dan: "Whatever. I'll take this hovel."
Lady: "Great, except you need a reference for the co-op board."
Dan: "And all my rich friends are dead and/or hate me because I am awful. Hmm."


Chuck uses his Windows 8 (TM) phone with Live Tiles (R) so the information you need most is always readily available to have a conference with a creepy recording of Kelly Rutherford.

Chuck: "Lily, thanks for your psychic memory powers that gave me all of Bart's offshore accounts from the Rainbow Woman, but I need the PINs! Remember them!"
Lily: "Too drunk, sorry."
Chuck: "Well, if your ludicrous photographic memory turns up anything else..."
Lily: "Charles, you know that I love you and that our lives are in danger and I take that seriously, but I have to get a quote 'bamboo oat body smoother' now. Good luck not dying, my darling."

Chuck: "I like her, but that lady's priorities..."
Blair: "And tonight's gala would have been the perfect opportunity to prove those illegal Sudanese oil deals. I mean, really any time would be good because he is going to kill all of us, but tonight would mean doing it with flair. Oh! And I just remembered my dream! It was from a movie called Charade!"
Chuck: "This could be helpful. Tell us more."
Blair: "Well, what about like a 'charade'? We can bluff with that info and get him to implicate himself, then record it on our phones. A thing at least one person has tried in literally every episode of this entire show, and not once has it worked."
Chuck: "Then he would kill Lily even harder than he's already going to."
Blair: "But she's not the only person who had those Rainbow Woman documents."
Chuck: "So you're saying we should get Ivy murdered, too? Yeah, I think Lily would be cool with that."

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