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Beyond The Goblin City


Chuck: "Like this stupid day wasn't complicated enough, now we gotta get Pretty out of jail."
Blair: "Now, it is Nate who is the goat."
Ivy: "Am I the only one who didn't study Byzantine warfare?"

No, you stupid idiot! None of them know what they are talking about! There's no such goddamn thing as dragons! What a time for a callback, on this show that can't remember shit that happened last week you're gonna keep going with this dragon goat bullshit? Ugh.

Serena: "One thing I don't recommend is leaving Nate in jail just to mess with Bart. That kid is too pretty and too, too naïve."
Chuck: "Nate's my favorite person. Don't worry about it. I'll go meet with Bart now."
Blair: "Serena, you go with Chuck. He needs a bodyguard for this, and you've got like a foot and fifty pounds on him."
Ivy: "And I'll just be crawling back into the sewers..."
Blair: "No, you're coming with me back to my house. We still might be able to bluff him, despite him already figuring out this plan and outsmarting us in the middle of it, five minutes ago."


Bart Bass: "Come over here, closer to the fire."
Dan: "My liege. Any dark errands for me?"
Bart Bass: "None. Nathaniel has done well, since he has nothing else to do. But I sense you are here to ask me for a dark boon?"
Dan: "I found an apartment, after spending this entire season homeless..."
Bart Bass: "-- I can offer you counsel, in the dark arts. I can offer you victims, on whom to express your vile desires. But I cannot offer worldly funds. It never ends well. And I already have your soul."
Dan: "No, like I just need a reference for the co-op board. And since you're New York Realtor Man of The Year, I thought..."
Bart: "Oh yeah, no problem. Sorry. Listen, do you want to write a profile on me about this event? It would be the perfect way to draw you into my hellish configuration."
Dan: "You've got yourself a deal."

Serena: "Hey, Pops. Hey, Douchelyboy."
Dan: "Serena, hold still! I have to say some nonsensical shit about how destroying your life proves how much I love you and only you. And sometimes your best friend."
Serena: "You're chumming around with my evilest stepfather now? Congratulations, you're one step closer to cornering the market on my daddy issues. But for now, peace out."

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