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Serena appears at the loft with a strange, yet totally valid, request: "I need to know why you love me." He can tell she's freaking, so instead of patronizing her, he stands up like a man and takes her hands immediately. "Because I do." She promises him she wants most to trust him, when he says that -- maybe if she knew why, she'd stop being so scared of hearing them, and saying them. Not the performance of love, but the words themselves, and the words behind the words. "Okay. Well, if you want to talk about why," he starts, and she cuts in with more words and explanations, about Lily and "her many marriages," and he laughs. "There. That's why. Because I actually like it when you interrupt me -- which is often, by the way -- I love you because you make no apologies about being exactly who you are," of course, unless you're apologizing to me for being exactly who you are, but it's a nice moment and I'm not going to throw a fit except to say that he loves making her apologize for that too. But the her he's talking about is "Beautiful, smart, sexy as hell..." She gets bashful, and this too is a reason. "You're completely unaware of your affect on me. You're also completely unaware that you laugh like a four-year-old [WTF?], just like that... And I love you because you can be with someone like me and still be best friends with someone like Blair." Ugh, Dan. Gross. "I love you because you have the good taste to love me, but the charity to love somebody I'm so much better than"? You can do better than that. But it's Dan, so he saves it at the last second: "You never give up on her. That is how amazing you are." She responds that he is amazing too, but can't come up with anything in particular: "You just are." Hee! That's like the truest part. Dan is awesome in a way science cannot properly describe; I'm on board with that. "And I love you...but I have to go." One of the many reasons he loves her, she explains, and blows him a kiss. I can't disagree; the intensity of her love for Blair really does recommend her quite highly, I think.

Taxi back to Chez Waldorf, and then to a helipad, where Blair is standing in a riding helmet, getting ready to fly. "What," Blair says hilariously. "You want a lift to JFK?" Eleanor told Serena about France, the sudden-death extraction they have planned, and Blair sticks out her lip. "She has a big mouth." I love Blair through this whole scene, because every single thing Serena says is another Jenga block on this very dramatic and ever-so-Blair scheme of fleeing the country under cover of night. "B, I'm your best friend. She was shocked I didn't know." And now you do, Blair snits. "What I know is how you felt when I left without telling you." Can't really fight that, doesn't really try. "...Is there a reason you're here?" Not the words but the act, of love. Running from the DUMBO recitation of love, its symmetries and stories, headlong into the arms of what it looks like when nobody's looking.

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