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Rufus is chatting up some young lady at his gallery, and she tries several times to get him to ask her out before just boldly declaring her intentions. He gets distracted by Bex Simon, Lily's lovely art dealer from a long time ago that accidentally sold her the Alison painting. The other woman, Bryn, notes that he's completely out of it, and tells him to call her later when he has it together. Which concept is ludicrous, but she doesn't know that. She leaves and Rufus commences flirting with Bex. He points her to a wall opposite, calling something that is neither beautiful nor mixed-media a "beautiful mixed-media piece," and honestly I don't think he's ever correctly identified a piece of art in his gallery that we've seen. As usual, Bex does not call him on his total ignorance, but changes the subject to Alison. Who is gone, along with his hopes of reconciliation, not to mention his romance fantasy affair with Lily. They agree to have a date tomorrow night. Awesome, because I love Bex and I'm happy to see her again, but also because I love Lily too much to hand her Rufus until he's done cooking.

Chuck's suite at the Palace is Room 1812. That makes me laugh, did we know that? Serena enters after a creepy moment where he asks her to call him "brother," and she shrugs it off: "I need to talk to you." He sympathizes with her pregnancy scare, and admonishes her a little bit about safe sex. Seconds later, she's sitting at the bar in the suite, talking to Chuck through the mirror behind the bar in an awkwardly symbolic little moment that clearly has meaning: "Chuck, I really need to trust you. I'm hoping that deep down inside, you're actually a decent person and won't make me regret this." He considers them both, in the mirror, and checks in with himself: Is he a decent person today? The answer is no. He's been hurt too badly. He had plans too; he had a world that included Blair, and when she went back to Nate, that was an attack on his most basic stuff. He risked a lot just loving her. "You're here for Blair, aren't you? Look, I'm not going to tell Nate about us. I tortured her, got bored and moved on." Serena explains about the pregnancy test, and how it was for B, but she's refusing to take it, so Chuck's got a baby, because Serena doesn't know about Nate. "I handle my business. Apparently, Nate doesn't. They slept together just after we did. It's him you should be asking for help." It doesn't take a genius to figure out why Blair would have left out the Nate part of that equation, but Serena is yucked out anyway. Just when you peek over the edge of that wall and see how far Blair's slipping, you get the news from Chuck of all people that she's getting even more erratic than you knew.

Rufus approaches Dan about the concept of him dating Bex and possibly other ladies, and of course Dan thinks that it's all about him and his life, but once Rufus clarifies, he just tells him to change out of the purple plaid shirt he's wearing. Jenny enters and immediately starts bitching about the shirt as well, and Dan laughs that Rufus was planning on wearing it on a date, even. Rufus begs her permission for the date, but she also could not care less: "Whatever, it's awful." Dan and Rufus laugh about how Jenny's complete disinterest in her father's love life, though it came a bit too late, is as good an answer as any. So for the record, Rufus, and I could have told you this ten minutes ago: NOBODY CARES.

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