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Pictures From an Institution, Or: The Bulls of Bendy Law
ly it swings back and forth between Blair and Serena, but that's more dads than have ever been involved. Maybe Jules has a brother named Jim and he'll be out for vengeance.

Blair comes back to the Empire, where Dan is now completely alone, just tooling around in this house he's never been inside before, doing dishes and feeling lonely and I presume creepy. They discuss how they'll be spending the holiday break together -- Nate's going to be with Grandfather, Eric in Gstaad with Elliot -- and make a movie date despite discussing not spending any time together at all. Then they do the dishes, which Blair washes in L'Occitane shampoo, because she is a lunatic. Shit gets major cute.

And then, as GG says goodbye for the holidays, and Nate tries to live his last December of being welcome in the Vanderbilt house to the fullest, and Blair and Dan get a sudden strange feeling like a rollercoaster dropping out from under them, and Chuck goes off to do the worst thing he can think of, and Juliet Sharp returns to the wheezy garrets and derivative architecture of the only home she'll ever deserve, and Jenny sews dollies of all her friends and then takes them apart again, and Vanessa swings softly back and forth from the highest rafter of the communal barn, and Georgina Sparks tries to find a buyer for her next baby, and Rufus scowls all the way across our great nation, and Lily and CeCe drink all the wine and CeCe welcomes her at last into the dark Rhodes sisterhood, Serena heads to Staten Island in her sparkliest dress and three best sweaters and jackets, with just one thing on her agenda: Turning the first guy who ever said no into just another one of the ones who said yes... And maybe lived to tell the tale, but probably not. XOXO.

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